Cableguys Intros PanShaper Multiband Stereo Modulation Effect

panshaperCableguys has introduced PanShaper, a panning effect plugin featuring multiband stereo modulation and width control.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Our unique editing tools let you add panning effects fast, and with pinpoint detail. Multiband modulation and width controls provide the final touch for in-depth editing — the possibilities are wider than you can imagine.

For evolving, fluid modulation or rhythmic patterns, for surgical panning edits of single hits within a loop, for subtle oscillation or intense motion from left to right. For a more lively sound, for pinpoint panning control, and for a more defined and wider stereo image.

Here’s the official video demo:

PanShaper Audio Demos:

PanShaper is available for OS X & Windows for 34 EUR / $39 USD incl. VAT.

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