LEGO Eurorack Modules


Reader Daniel Müller – who previously created several LEGO Eurorack cases – has moved on to making Eurorack modules with LEGO parts. 


He notes, “Since i build my case out of Lego, i recently started to build some Modules out of Lego. They have no function (yet), although some knobs can be turned. Those Lego modules could also be used as blank panel since they perfectly fit into Eurorack format.”

More images are available at his Flickr page.

10 thoughts on “LEGO Eurorack Modules

  1. I’m left wondering why we don’t have this for real already. I mean, this isn’t far from Littlebits, but for LEGO. Like: a LEGO 3U Construction Set with misc displays and I/o jacks and switches and dials.

    Heck – just using LEGO for blank filler panels would rock – I’ve seen some very sweet LEGO dioramas.

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