Composer Ty Unwin On His Moog Modular System 55

Composer Ty Unwin, who’s best known for his extensive credits composing for television documentaries and series, recently took delivery of one of the new Moog System 55 modular synthesizers.

In this video, Unwin shares his thoughts on his new synth, the role for 5U modular synths in electronic music studios and why there’s a place for the Ferraris or Lambourghinis of the synth world. 

The new Moog System 55 modular synthesizers are reissues of the classic 70’s design, using ‘new old stock’ parts and the original manufacturing techniques.

The units are being manufactured by Moog in limited quantities:

  • 55 units of the System 55, priced at $35,000 per instrument;
  • 35 of units of the System 35, priced at $22,000 per instrument; and
  • 150 units of the Model 15, priced at $10,000 per instrument.

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39 thoughts on “Composer Ty Unwin On His Moog Modular System 55

  1. Somebody should stop Trent Reznor and Michael Gore and all of the other composers from using their Euroracks for “bloopy bloopy ” sounds instead of music making. Quite an ignorant statement that. Eurorack is no different than Moog if you want to use it to make regular music, in fact it’s much, much more diverse.
    I now have my own “smug face” after writing this.

    1. But then he follows that up by saying he will be making bloopy noises with his Moog. He is just having a laugh. Let a musician enjoy their bounty and reward for successful work. Ty is very practical with his synths but practical with a big budget. I just hope he wants to adopt me and leave me his collection!!

    2. Hey Eurobob, I wasn’t aiming those comments at greats of the music world like TR and MG… actually I wasn’t aiming them at ANYBODY… All they asked me was what would I use it for and the first thing I could think of was what I personally WOULDN’T be using it for!!

      It’s in no way a statement through ignorance having studied the work of Stockhausen, Berio, Cage and all of the other great pioneers of 1950’s electronic music for many years, and ADORING their music.. which most people would claim wasn’t REAL music and who would themselves light heartedly refer to it as “bleepy bloopy” music!!

      I don’t know where you got the impression that i was putting down eurorack… I’m not in the slightest.. my issue was personal one that if I started down that route I would never know when to stop!! 🙂

      As for my smug face… it’s simply a genuine reaction to having literally, that minute, got my hands on something that had always been a dream, and I was now fortunate enough to own. It was all meant to be a bit of fun on the day… I hope that comes across.

      1. I would say, Mr Unwin, (you lucky lad), that there is no need for you to explain yourself (you lucky lad). I think most of us would just be happy for you, (you lucky lad), and take what you said in the spirit in which it was intended (you lucky lad).
        Judging by the tones that you initially coaxed out of this beast of beauty, whatever you do with it will sound fabulous. Have fun with it; I certainly would.
        And did I mention that you are a lucky lad?

        1. True. I never for a single moment got the impression Mr. Unwin was being smug in the least with his comments. I know that I, unlike him, who managed to sit rather calmly (though you could see the look in his eyes: “now leave so I can play with my toy!”) would have been dancing circles around that beast. Well deserved, Ty!

      2. I thought it was a delightful interview. If your system *didn’t* bring you a certain amount of joy, it would be sad.

  2. I wished I lived next door! I would knock on the door and complain about how loud it was and that he should either A-turn it up or B move the gear round to my yard and then turn it up.! No wonder Ty is grinning from ear to ear he has the envy of every sound designer out there…

  3. Nice interview / synth / studio / chap 🙂
    Ty, you came across as a humorous, down to earth guy. And great to see a professional musician earning enough from his music to treat himself to a System 55!

  4. Cool! Would love one of those. I checked out his credits and I’m sure he could get away with a few huge Kontakt libraries to do what he needs to do. But screw that! He has a large studio with all kinds if gear. Very cool. Have fun with that Moog 55!

  5. In the 80s many music acts bought a Fairlight for between £18 and £60k (according to Wikipedia), a price surely more comparably expensive than the Moog 55. I’m sure if most of us were earning well from music or won the lottery we’d buy one (a Moog that is). The Fairlight has devalued badly over time – an iphone can do the same stuff – however a Moog 55 will barely devalue, if at all, as analogue synthesis remains, as least for purists, to be undigitizable.

    1. The full sized Moogs they were selling at Monterrey in 1967 were $15,000, as it’s nearly 50 years later, $35,000 is not that big a price jump, might even be less than what those cost by the days standards

  6. nice machine ,but having seen ty’s synthcave on sonicstate he so did not need anymore equipment ,lmao i guess synth heads are like smackheads and just need 1 more fix,well i hope he can update dr.who theme tune with this

    1. Haha… Can’t argue with that… 100% factually correct! 🙂

      I think the only reason that they wanted to make a quick vid was because there are only a couple coming over to the UK so as distributors it’s an interesting story. But yes you’re right…. Either your tag line or “Bald fat man struggles with synth obsession” SHOULD be the headline! 🙂

  7. I know the price seems obscene but my god that little bit of sound he produced sounded incredible—even though my stupid computer speakers.

    I’ve never seen him in an interview—what a totally delightful seeming man. Wonderful point about the Car market. Seems to me like the story of the professional driver everyone likes who finally gets enough scratch together to buy a Lamborghini. Enjoy it! Plus, in 15 years he can cash it in to send that little one to University. No amount of Volcas are going to do that.

    (20 bucks says he’s got a room full of Euro by next year. 😉

  8. as for the eurorack, could somebody please show this guy a cwejman system. Not to mention Macbeth OSC´s which exist in both formats and beat the shit out of moog OSC´s. At least Hans Zimmer cant be that wrong…

    1. The suggestion that you know better than an established composer & synthesist like Unwin what he needs or wants for making music is presumptuous, at best.

      While collectors debate whose module is biggest or best, musicians get the tools that they want to make music with.

      1. funny, i am presumptuous, at best, while he just gets tools and making others down, since yea he is musician and i am collector. i see…

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