Interactive Audio Platform Bela Project Fully Funded, Announces Stretch Goals


The Kickstarter project for Bela – a high-performance, ultra-low-latency (< 1ms) platform for audio and sensor processing based on the BeagleBone Black – have blown past their initial project goals, with over three weeks to go. 

Organizers let us know that:

  • the project met the first stretch goal (at $30k): to design and manufacture an audio expander cape, which provides basic filtering to use the analog I/O as audio I/O. This will come at an additional cost of 35£. Additional info on this can be found on the Kickstarter project page or in this blog post.
  • Another stretch goal is set at $40k: to create an expander cape which multiplexes the analog inputs, so you will be able to connect up to 64 analog inputs, sampled at a sampling rate of 2.7kHz, allowing, for instance, multiple percussive triggers, multiple faders/pots/ etc

They’ve also added several demo videos to the project site.

via Giulio Moro

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