10 thoughts on “Roland JD-Xi Software Patch Editor

  1. i tried downloading this when i first bought my jdxi ,its a nightmare ,why the hell did they not make a simple version to install ,i really needed this and was unable to ever get it working

    1. download their update and reinstall, do follow the instructions on their web page and you’ll be under the hood of the JD-Xi’s infuriating programming without the blisters 🙂

  2. This is an independently created software based on CTRLR platform. I understand its still a work in progress from “memory splice” who are aiming to complete the whole editor so that users of the JD-Xi synth can get the hands on and edit the under the hood items too, including the built multi TB-Drum machine. I am currently using this and it works like a charm though it leaves graphic trails when I have FLStudio open at the same time. Can’t wait until they complete the whole thing.

    1. How is the JD XI as a drum machine? I need a drum machine, but if it’s “good enough,” I was thinking that getting the JD XI would be an option since you get the bonus of it’s synthesizer features.

      Thanks in advance for any feedback!

      1. Love it.
        you could use the beat step pro to play the drums (or any other sequencer) that would expand the control options. sounds are spot on.

  3. I have been using this now since november and i love it.
    it has its quirks but all in all it beats the hell out of the “letterbox” interface.
    i will never understand why people complain about FREE software that is intended to make your life easier…
    nobody forces ye to use it, the jd xi works ok the way it is… but if you are into soundscaping it makes it a comparative breeze to play with filters, envelopes, layers, effects etc etc.
    My main wish would be a Midi learn function for the interface, rather than using the synths MIDI directly.
    would make it easy to assign the Behringer BCF and BCR 🙂

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