MIDI Remote Software For Korg Volca Bass


Reader Momo Miller let us know that he’s released Korg Volca Bass MIDI Remote – an app for OS X & Windows that lets you control the Volca Bass via MIDI.

Here’s a video demo:

Korg Volca Bass MIDI Remote is available as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and standalone and VST/AU for OS X.

With the app, Volca Bass parameters can be automated and stored within your DAW. With the X-Y-Pad, any controller can be selected and controlled.

In addition, the hidden parameters “SlideTime”, „Expression” and “Gate Time” – which are not available from the Volca Bass controls – can be modified.

Korg Volca Bass MIDI Remote is available for 5,90€.

If you’ve used the Volca Bass MIDI Remote, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “MIDI Remote Software For Korg Volca Bass

  1. If you are an ableton user you can get max for live divices that have been out since the volcas series came out for free. and they load like normal ableton plugins. Not pop up windows. If your on other things I could see this being useful.

  2. 5,90€ just for having a graphical interface?
    use the MIDI implementation Chart for the Volcas and you can control every volca with your DAW.
    i could do this inclusive a graphical interface for every volca for free!

  3. what about a video showing us how to use a midi implementation chart with a synth to control with our daw of choice ,i can not find such a video anywhere.

  4. Norton antivirus identified the .exe and .dll files as a threat and automatically removed them from my system. That’s a bit concerning. Anyone know anything about this?

    1. Update: I reported this to Norton and they’ve indicated that it was a false positive. They have fixed it so all is well now!

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