Roland Juno-106 Voice Chip Replacement

This video, via Exploring Audio, takes a look at identifying and fixing voice chip issues with the Roland Juno-106 synthesizer.

If you’ve done similar repairs with keyboard voice chips, share your experience with this in the comments!

Video summary:

The most common problem with Juno 106’s is the voice chips suddenly dying. The chips were just not meant to be used for 30+ years. Apparently, the coating that Roland used on these chips will begin to conduct electricity and this causes issues the voice chips. Removing this coating will fix this issue and extend the lifespan of the chips! This doesn’t work in all cases and I strongly recommend doing outside research before opening your Juno up but it does seem to fix the issue the majority of the time.

I strongly recommend watching Syntegrator’s Juno 106 videos. Most of this video is heavily based on the information he presents there and before you ever open a Juno, check out his stuff first!

8 thoughts on “Roland Juno-106 Voice Chip Replacement

  1. I have an issue with the resonance of my DW-8000 not responding at all, despite the filter otherwise working fine. Not sure if it needs a new chip or what!

  2. Short Anecdote regarding 106 chips:
    Chip failed in my Juno 106…I removed the broken chip, and performed the acetone dissolve trick. However, I botched the circuit when scraping it off, so I bought a new replacement chip. To much avail I successfully replaced the chip. Boy did I feel good… 2 weeks later, a different chip failed. Doh! *facepalm*

    end anecdote.

    +1 for anyone who feels my pain.

  3. loved this video now i nee to buy 1 so i can take it apart,

    andy hagerty i would sumise that once the board gets hot so do your chips and start to fail.
    i would also suggest this will get worse over time till they fail completely ,maybe for a long shot install a modern pc fan above to bring some modern processor cooling hell why not liquid cool your machine hahaha ,putins liquid cooled synth mods apply here……

  4. The chips have a defect and affects several Roland modules as well, I believe mks-50 is one
    There are aftermarket chip makers though that make a replacement
    Just do Juno-106 chip in a search

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