Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer – An ‘Onslaught Of Non-Stop Sensory Bombardment’

This video, via gstormelectro, offers an audio demo of the Alesis Andromeda analog synthesizer. Or as they call it, ‘an onslaught of non-stop analog sensory bombardment.’

The Andromeda is a 16-voice analog keyboard from the turn of the millennium that combines deep analog features with knobby tweakability.

Technical Details:

All synthesizer audio coming from the Andromeda comprising over 40 original patches.

No outboard effects were used, only a few instances of the built-in delays and reverb. All sequencing and arpeggios also from on-board. Rhythm provided by a Roland TR-8.

The rarer red panel version of the Andromeda A6 is featured in the video.

31 thoughts on “Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer – An ‘Onslaught Of Non-Stop Sensory Bombardment’

  1. The Andromeda is a beautiful synthesiser, well designed and sounding like heaven on Earth. It’s main problem is that it was from a company that had not got a clue what it had developed and to save a few pence had it made (!) in a sweat shop somewhere.

    My brand new Andromeda had a stupid fault that could have been simply fixed. The manufacturer did not employ keyboard technicians so would not fix it. Fortunately I got my money back.

    I think it is a crying shame that would not have happened with a mainstream synth manufacturer.

  2. Wicked synth. I tried one at the time it came out. I’d been given a brief to help equip a studio by someone with 250K to spend, which was nice. But I advised not to get it. Since, while I thought it sounded great with some amazing modulation capabilities, the construction seemed poor for the price. Looking at the experience of people with the synth on the Internet and elsewhere, this was probably the right call. Shame really, because it sounds phenomenal. With a better build quality it would have been a classic like Virus.

      1. You’re right. A better way to phrase it would be, “could have become”.
        Other than literary criticism, any thoughts on the synth itself?

    1. Tout faux ou t’es pas un musicos !
      Je travaille tout le temps dessus ou je fais ce que je veux même des sons de Moog.
      Super synthè et classé.

    2. The Andy is such an amazing Synth, I find very funny that most people who diss the Andromeda are those who don’t have one. Sure the built quality is not as good as my Moog Voyager, but it’s not horrible either, if you take care of your stuff then you have nothing to worry about. This is already a classic and a very sought after synth, the most powerful poly analog ever made period, if you think this synth is expensive now…wait and see in 10 years… grab one while you still can

  3. Wonder what it would take to take that exact design, and use high-quality, high-spec components and build it with same kind of construction as a yamaha.

    The design part being done, but then having the components and manufacturing re-designed to make something durable. Seems like there’s a strong market for it now.

    One thing that surprised me from the video was seeing lots of parameters with Mod1, Mod2, Mod3. Does that mean it had pretty good realtime control matrix action?

    1. “yamaha flagships synths are built like fuckin tanks.”

      Best build quality around, by far. The build quality on Yamaha’s minisynths is better than what Korg and Roland are using on a lot of full size gear.

      If Yamaha would just take the Andromeda and build it to Yamaha’s quality standards, it would be one of the best synths of all time.

      1. En attendant que yamaha ne le reprenne MOI je travaille avec mon Andromeda et depuis très longtemps et c’est un des meilleurs synthè conçu. Poil au q

  4. I’d buy a new one in a heartbeat. The only thing that has stopped me buying a second hand one is the lack of repair parts. Surely Alesis would make a massive profit on a new release in the current climate. Hardly anyone makes multi timbral analogue..which for me is badly needed

  5. There is no point buying this synth if you plan to compose 90’s unimaginative trance music as the one heard on the demo video. No need to spend thousand of dollars just to make the same patches again and again.

  6. Imagine a modular wall of 32 moog oscillators, 16 moog filters, 16 sem filters, 32 suboscillators, 16 ring modulators, 16 step sequencers, 48 VC-LFOs. 48 VC-ENV and then you begin to understand the power of the Andromeda. It’s a polyphonic analogue modular synth. I never had a single problem with mine, in 14 years. With careful programming, you can get very very close to a Minimoog or SEM. Really, to the point of not being able to differentiate them. I could replicate sounds from an Emu Modular, and it sounded very very close. Believe me.

  7. Every time I think the price of this synth might finally go down a bit, some jerk with a widely read well respected blog goes and posts an article about how awesome it is. And then every person in the comments does the same. Rich.

  8. Never understood why people get so excited about this synth, it sounds cheesy and the build quality is abysmal, the specs are amazing….but seriously……the Ion was was sonically head and shoulders above this….but it also suffered from rubbish QC…….but that seems to be the case with all later Alesis gear….

    1. Wait wait wait! I have an Ion. there was one major hardware problem: fragile FET (transistors) on the output. Not too hard to fix. There were software problems, but they were all fixed with free upgrades. So not exactly the quality control nightmare some would like to think. The Ion is a great synth, but frankly…you have to be kiddin’. I would exchange it in a heartbeat for the mighty Andromeda!

        1. Updated IONS and most of them (Built after jan 04) are VERY good quality. THe transitors may fail but easy to just remove them, it’ll still work.

          The actual BUILD of the ION is superb, considering how little it once cost. The keybed isn’t great but not the worst, but the rest is beautiful! The controls (Wheels) and knobs and general layout, lighting, looks and that full metal built is way above almost any other of the mid-priced to low priced VAs ever made (most of them were plastic).

          And sound wise it’s great, and a bit more fun than the A6 (and a lot less risk or expense) obv the A6 is “better” in the realm of analog and power BUT it doesn’t make it a better synthesizer/ownership proposition so I kind of agree. The ION is one sweet synthesizer, regardless of digital/analog and way under-rated, one of the nicest/most unique looking synths made.

    2. Quand tu veux tu viens dans mon studio pour t’apprendre la technique du son et le maniement de l’Andromeda et par la même occasion la définition du mot ringard.

    3. Sorry, but if you think the Ion is sonically head and shoulders above the Andromeda you must have very, very funny ears! 😉

      1. Mes oreilles m’ont permis de produire, arranger, jouer avec les plus grands pendant plus de 40 années alors t’as encore beaucoup de chemin a parcourir avant de porter jugement sur les Oreilles.

  9. Perhaps it could be reissued. There is a history in the brand family. The Alesis Micron became the AKAI Miniak with the same sound engine but a significantly better build. AKAI has dabbled in analog and clearly the market exists. Would it be too expensive?

  10. I’ve owned an Andromeda since 2008 and it really is quite an endless synth. I wouldn’t complain about the build of this synth for the price. The sonic possibilities outweigh the cheap build. With this synth you’re really paying for the sound and not the build. I understand a lot of andromedas have glitches in the operating system or what have you, and I think that would be any buyers biggest concern. And lack of parts. I’ve been lucky and have had no problem with mine. Amazing sounds come out it. And if any broke bitter person has a problem with my positive review can take their negative asses elsewhere.

  11. I’ve owned an Andromeda since 2004. It hasn’t developed any faults and sounds fantastic. It is however a pain to program. The encoders are too sensitive, but the sound is as others have said – it can be Moog and Oberheim and every crazy sound in between!

    Hear it in action on the intro to my track ‘Earth Rise’ below. The Andromeda makes the crazy ‘alien marching robots’ sound and the ‘pitched sounds’ that start around 0:20

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