New ‘Ableton-centric’ Soundware Company, SympleSound

symplifiedAustin-based producer, sound designer and educator Francis Prève has unveiled a new ‘Ableton-­centric’ soundware company, SympleSound, at this year’s SXSW.

The first products from the company are its Analog Collection – a set of extensively multisampled versions of vintage analog synths, like the Oberheim SEM and RolandSH101, along with some newer (but discontinued) models like the Moog Little Phatty and Doepfer Dark Energy Mk I.

analog-collectionPrève says that what separates SympleSound from other soundware companies is the fact that, in addition to the instruments, their libraries also include numerous amenities like integrated royalty­-free MIDI loops for each instrument, an embedded help guide that explains all of the features and parameters in depth, and links to external web resources that detail the history of the instruments.

Ableton-Centric features include:

  • Each library consists of 4 detailed analog instruments, 48 synth presets (24 with integrated effects), 4 effects racks, 24 effects presets and 20 royalty-free MIDI loops that can be used directly with the collection – or even with other softsynths in your studio arsenal. 
  • Every clip is a preset – the Analog Collection makes extensive use of Ableton’s MIDI clip envelopes. These envelopes function both as musical inspiration and
  • All projects also include an integrated help guide explaining every aspect of their features.
  • Full Push Compatibility – The Macros for each instrument are focused on maximum flexibility when used with Ableton Push.

SympleSound has also provided an extensive selection of audio demos via its SoundCloud page:

To help introduce the site, SympleSound is giving away a free audio loop pack, derived from the libraries, and offering a 25% discount on all products, through May 1, 2016. See the SympleSound site for details.

4 thoughts on “New ‘Ableton-centric’ Soundware Company, SympleSound

  1. This is a huge day for Francis. I’m so proud of all he’s done, I feel lucky to have studied under him, amazing human-being!

  2. Firstly, the product demos are great! Really well produced and with subtle nods to classic sounds. I wonder whether he makes original electronic music.
    I downloaded the free pack but it’s just loops – I want to know how they will actually work within Ableton before I buy.

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