Monoplugs Intros Monique, ‘A Unique Monophonic Digital Synthesizer’

Monoplugs has introduced Monique, a monophonic, subtractive, digital synthesizer for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Here’s the official demo video:


  • 4 Morphing Groups
    • a oscillator-, a filter-, a FX/EQ- and an arpeggiator-group
    • 4 LFO to automate each group
    • 2 data sources per group
    • load each available program to one of the group-sources
  • Oscillators
    • 3 oscillators
    • 1 FM oscillator
  • UI, Remote
    • 10 finger touch compatible
    • adjustable slider sensitivity
    • full customizable colors
    • MIDI remote controller support
    • automation parameter support
  • Oscilloscope
    • visualize the output of each modul
    • scalable from a few ms up to one second
  • Arpeggiator
    • 16 steps with adjustable tune and velocity
    • flexible note- and velocity glide time
    • smart shuffle and a quick step arranger
  • Technology
    • VST, VST3, AU, Standalone
    • Windows XP+, Mac 10.6+ or Linux
    • ASIO, WASAPI, CoreAudio, ALSA, JACK
    • 2x MIDI In, 2x MIDI Out
    • recommended: 2GHz+ CPU
  • Stereo Effects
    • resonant 7 band equalizer
    • powerful distortion
    • delay with adjustable reflection size
    • reverb with adjustable width and room size
    • 5 delay line chorus effect
  • 3×3 Filter
    • free oscillator routing trough each filter
    • free filter routing, parallel and series connection at the same time
    • an LFO and one envelope per filter
    • one distortion and one stereo panorama effect per filter

Monique is available for US $99 via the Monoplugs site.┬áIt’s free to download and use, but saving is disabled until it is licensed.

6 thoughts on “Monoplugs Intros Monique, ‘A Unique Monophonic Digital Synthesizer’

  1. Wow, worst product video ever. At first I thought I was looking at some new hardware but it soon turned out to be a load of arty crap. Never mind.

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