DIY Kits Let You Build Your Own Custom MIDI Controllers For Vintage Synth Plugins

SoundForce Controllers has announced DIY kits for building MIDI controllers for vintage synth plugins.

Two kits are available:

  • The SFC-60 is a custom MIDI controller for the TAL U-NO-LX plugin, a model of the Roland JUNO-60.
  • The SFC-101 is a dedicated MIDI controller designed for the TAL-BassLine-101 plugin, a model of the Roland SH-101.

Both are priced at 199 Euros. See the SoundForce site for details.

8 thoughts on “DIY Kits Let You Build Your Own Custom MIDI Controllers For Vintage Synth Plugins

  1. That looks like a great kit.

    I like that it is pretty turn-key- and looks very well designed.

    For people wanting to create their own, Highly Liquid’s MIDI CPU is a cool option. However, it is not super-friendly to the noob (like me). So some technical things are a little hard to understand.

  2. For a €100 more you buy the Roland Botique JU06 or JX03.
    Because they are stand alone synths you’ll never have compatibility issues.
    How long before these boxes stop talking to the software?
    It seems really cool and fun, but has no long term vallue.

    1. they are actually generic midi controllers, so there will a long term value for sure. i’m sure plugins for those two classic synths are not going to vanish anytime soon, even if the TAL versions will.

    2. Why would they stop talking to the software? It’s not like they come packaged with magic sleeping elves with magic alarm clocks that wake them up to sabotage the hardware so that they will stop “talking” to the software. Do you understand how computers work?

    1. i suppose that the PCB isn’t cheap, not complex, but big. And, then it’s an Open Source project! So u can certainly, build it for less, with ur own enclosure, with a proto PCB … That’s the price you have to pay for non industrial products…

  3. would love to see something like this for sound-design heavy synths with multiple configuration pages, like the Nave or the Thor

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