Experimental Synth Jam – Sally Sparks and Chris Stack

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures some of the recording sessions for the track Reaching Aleppo, from the album Xenography, by Chris Stack (Experimental Synth). 

Technical Details:

  • Sally Sparks on Haken Continuum, DSI Pro 2 and PianoTeq.
  • Chris Stack on Moog Voyager, DSI Pro 2 and Animoog.
  • Audio is from the final mix, using a different Continuum track and additional Animoog textures.

9 thoughts on “Experimental Synth Jam – Sally Sparks and Chris Stack

  1. I wish I had video of the whole piece. It’s about 18 minutes long. This is the end of the song and much of the rest of it is more energetic with some great, raw lead work by Sally on the Pro 2. She cranked up the distortion and I ran a CV from my Pro 2 (which was doing the sequencing) over to hers and modulated her cutoff frequency with a tempo synced CV step sequence. Another independent (but synced) CV step sequence was going to my Voyager’s filter on a low, thick bass patch.

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