Tangerine Dream Documentary (Sneak Preview)


TAG/TRAUM has released a sneak preview, below, for a planned Tangerine Dream documentary:


Producers plan to fund the documentary via a Kickstarter project.

They plan for the crowdfunding project to go live May 1, 2016, but the project site is available now, and they are encouraging feedback and input for the project via the site.

5 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Documentary (Sneak Preview)

  1. I have mixed feelings about the prospect of this documentary. I don’t really know why. I suppose a little part of me want the mystique to remain. In those early days (for me) with little access to music news, the thrill I got from picking up Stratosfear etc at the record shop was electric. I knew nothing about them save what was revealed on the cover. They were more than human and maybe this documentary will knock them off my manufactured pedestal.

  2. The autobiography of Edgar and TD has been for sale for a few years and still not released. I get cold feet for the people behind Eastgate. Not sure if this project are run by the same however?

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