Madrona Labs Intros Virta Voice-Controlled Synthesizer


Madrona Labs has introduced Virta, a voice-controlled software synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

Here are some examples:

Virta combines a low-latency sound analysis module with high-quality synthesis modules in a patchable package, letting you turn voices and instruments into all kinds of sounds.

Virta can also used as a toolbox for effects. Its processing modules, including an input compressor and a pitch shifter with feedback delay, are very open and transparent at low volumes, coloring the sound more when pushed.

Though the audio analyzer is designed to capture the nuances of the human voice, other monophonic instruments produce very musical results, too.

Virta is available now for US $89. A demo version is also available.

7 thoughts on “Madrona Labs Intros Virta Voice-Controlled Synthesizer

  1. Did somebody say “stub”?

    Those are definitely some messed up and beautiful sounds!!! If I did more sound design stuff, I’d be all over that.

  2. It sounds really great. Although the windows version has some big bugs. Randy from Madrona Labs promised to look into it.

  3. I just downloaded the Mac version. It certainly is flexible: I’m looking forward to many hours of extreme vocal manglement.

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