Elektron Drops Silent Servant 12″ Grammofon Record

Swedish music hardware company Elektron has released the third Elektron Grammofon 12″ vinyl record. The featured artist for this disc is Silent Servant, a DJ and producer “whose gloomy rhythms stay with the listener long after the music has faded out.”

Elektron says of the record, “The two brand new tracks, along with a live excerpt, found on EGR45-00003 are gritty, hyper-engaging and highly personal takes on techno.” The first track on the album, “Run,” is streaming on Thump. Reviewer Alexander Iadarola calls it “the kind of track you have to fight against to keep up with—intentionally disorienting you like an M.C. Escher drawing and exacerbating the experience with doses of anxiety and dread.”

Elektron Grammofon is an imprint releasing 12″ vinyls featuring “artists with an impeccable musical vision.” The tracks of each release are to a great extent realized through the use of Elektron instruments.

Pricing and Availability. Elektron Grammofon’s Silent Servant 12″ vinyl record is $20 US. Each release in this series is limited to 300 copies, available from the Elektron website and a very select number of record stores across the globe (Höga Nord in Gothenburg, Rubadub in Glasgow, Technique in Tokyo and Amoeba in Los Angeles).

All proceeds from Elektron Grammofon sales go to the charity of choice of the featured artist.

8 thoughts on “Elektron Drops Silent Servant 12″ Grammofon Record

  1. WTF? 6 minutes of repetitive bass and dropping the snare once and awhile?
    I love electronic music but I just can’t get into this extremely repetitive bore fest. “Haunting Melodies?” Maybe those start on track 2. I feel like I have hundreds of songs just like this only I don’t call them songs, I call them 2 bar ideas that need serious work. They are all sitting on my HDD waiting for me to get off my butt and finish them, but maybe I should just send them to Elektron…

    Sorry for the rant but Elektron makes such amazing instruments, I’m shocked that they don’t feature artists that use them to their full potential. To be fair, this is only the first track, but if it’s what they are going to highlight, then it’s what we have to form our opinions. I’ll take a Dataline track over this crap any day of the week.

    1. Yeah cuz it’s a deliberately reduced aesthetic which has become even more comically emaciated in order to stay profitable. It went from representing Detroit’s idealism, to representing people who thought rave went too far in the 90s, to representing people who now think every genre since 1992 went too far, because they want absolute assurance that they are making the right choices. And it has to remain both poker-faced monochrome and rhythmically obvious to accomodate this supposedly deep aesthetic, which is simultaneously eltist and extremist. I’m sorry, but the best way to represent the ideals techno advertises iself with would be to make something completely new and unknown (and please don’t tell me it’s “timeless,” all music is a combination of timelessness and specific culture/personality).

      This is nothing personal (obviously I hope!) just sick of the hype, speaking as a producer trying to reach people who are trying to be transgressive in a world of too-cautious djs.

  2. Hi Goku
    Thanks for your opinion on the newest Elektron release.
    By chance: do you have something WEcoulf check out to compare?
    I love hearing new music that’s not repetitive and boring.

  3. Silent Servant is an absolute legend… imo Sandwell District is some of the greatest techno ever created…

  4. Richie Hawtin / Plastikman pumped out shit like this 2 decades ago, only this is pretty pale in comparison

  5. I like it. Troll away people, where’s your album? Did it get a review on synthtopia? If you don’t like the track or if you think it mediocre, post a link to something you made that one ups it. You are all quite silly and obviously insecure. Modern music doesn’t appeal to old farts I suppose.

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