Eowave Ribbon Synthesizer At Superbooth 16

Superbooth 16: This video, via Ask.Audio, captures a hands-on demo with the Eowave Ribbon synthesizer.

The Ribbon 2 is a one-oscillator synth, played by placing your finger along the 4-octave ribbon. The Ribbon is pressure sensitive, translating pressure into volume.

The Ribbon can also be used as a USB controller with any MIDI software, and as a CV/gate controller.

The Eowave Ribbon 2 has a street price of 269 €. See the Eowave site for details.

3 thoughts on “Eowave Ribbon Synthesizer At Superbooth 16

  1. Oh Chip, let’s talk. I have been obsessing over doing a two-ribbon setup lately but don’t have a ton of tech know how, just that it CAN be done. I can solder, etc, just can’t design PCBs and all that. I do work in a machine and prototyping shop, however, so I can design and build any manner of case. Specifically what I want is to have two ribbons pretty close together, along with a plate on the left that will allow me to “bow”, rather than just have constant sounding when touching the ribbons. Of course I want that too. 🙂 I’m mostly wanting this to control Sample Modeling’s string sounds as well as Finger Fiddle on the iPad. So let’s talk! [email protected]

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