Superbooth 16: Sonic Potions Intros Three New Modules


At Superbooth 16, Sonic Potions introduced three new pre-assembled modules.

The modules include:

  • Manifold – a ‘time and space’ machine for delays and Karplus-Strong synthesis.
  • Moire – a dual pahse modulation VCO
  • Macalypse – a random signal generator, based on Perlin noise

Here’s an overview of the new modules, via SonicState:

Here are audio demos for the Sonic Potions upcoming modules:

The new Sonic Potions modules are expected to beĀ available around the end of summer 2016.

3 thoughts on “Superbooth 16: Sonic Potions Intros Three New Modules

  1. interesting! I have the LXR and while it is quite good there has been a noticeable absence of official updates in a while (though the community has added a lot), it makes sense now.

    the manifold is tempting, there went from very few options in full featured delays in Eurorack to a lot of options, would like to see how it stacks up. good graphic design.

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