Apogee Intros One for Mac 2-in, 2-out interface + Microphone

Apogee Electronics has introduced a new member of their ONE audio interface family, ONE for Mac.

ONE for Mac is a 2 IN x 2 OUT USB Audio Interface/Microphone, designed to be an affordable all-in-one solution for recording music on your Mac.

The third generation in the Apogee ONE family, ONE for Mac features the same sound quality and basic functionality as the Apogee ONE for iPad & Mac, but streamlined for Mac-only use, (it does not include iOS cable, power supply or support battery operation).

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Apogee ONE is a music creation Swiss Army knife.

Connect a microphone, guitar or use ONE’s exceptional built-in omnidirectional microphone to easily capture your music without compromise. ONE even lets you record with a microphone (built-in or external) and guitar simultaneously.

Using Apogee’s industry-leading AD/DA conversion and mic preamp technology, ONE produces pristine music, podcast, and voice-over recordings while also delivering studio quality sound to your headphones for precision mixing or hi-fi listening.

With an intuitive controller knob and seamless compatibility with Mac OS X, ONE is easy for anyone to use and works great with GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton or any Core Audio compatible application.


  • 2 IN x 2 OUT Audio interface with built-in microphone
  • USB 2.0 connection for Mac with 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion
    • Works with iOS – iPhone and iPad connection kit sold separately
  • Low latency and seamless compatibility Mac OS X
  • 2 Analog Inputs:
    • Built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone
    • XLR microphone and 1/4” instrument connector on breakout cable
    • 2 simultaneous inputs (instrument + built-in or external mic)
    • Mic preamp with up to 62dB of gain
  • 2 Analog Outputs:
    • 1 1/8” stereo output for headphones or powered speakers
  • Direct monitoring, complete input/output control with Apogee’s Maestro software
  • Compatible with GarageBand, Logic Pro X or any Core Audio Application
  • Includes exclusive offers on Waves plugins (available upon registration)
  • Die cast aluminum chassis

One for Mac is now available, priced at US $249. See the Apogee site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Apogee Intros One for Mac 2-in, 2-out interface + Microphone

    1. See those bullet points regarding the specs, the 2nd bullet point which has a sub-bullet point; can you read that? That is why they didn’t go with that headline, and even if this didn’t support iOS, they have other products and we have other companies.

    1. For the amount of bandwidth we are talking about here TB would make it extreme overkill and would not make it that much faster, like the difference between standing 1 foot away from an amp or 2 feet.

  1. Yeah, the Apogee Duet for Mac and iOS is USB, and speed/latency are not remotely issues. Sometimes the Apogee software gets a little buggy. If you want it for iOS, you may end up saving money by going straight to a dedicated device as those connectors and adaptors add up. Apogee products are excellent…never had a bad one.

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