Developing Audio Apps For iOS Is About To Get Easier

amazing-audio-engineDeveloper Michael Tyson (Audiobus and Loopy) has announced a major update to The Amazing Audio Engine – a framework for programmers that’s designed to streamline the creation of audio apps.

Apps build using The Engine include Loopy HD, Audiobus, SEctor,  DM1, AudioShare, zMors and others.

Here’s an in-depth introduction from Tyson:

The Amazing Audio Engine v2 is available now as a beta release.

8 thoughts on “Developing Audio Apps For iOS Is About To Get Easier

    1. Chris

      There is no other serious mobile audio platform, so that’s a moot point and an odd thing to take issue with.

      Also, performance.

      1. Looks like a great step for TAAE. Congrats Michael. 

        If I understand correctly, TAAE is still a wrapper on top of Core Audio. Meaning that it cannot actually increase performance or ever be cross-platform.

        As someone mentioned below, audio developers should also consider Superpowered Audio.

        We’re the fastest audio engine for mobile devices, low latency, and cross-platform on iOS, OSX, tvOS, and Android. 

        If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out: [email protected]

  1. Interesting that they’ve moved away from graphs whereas AVFoundation and Core Audio are all about graphs and nodes… Also makes me wonder what’s in store for audio in iOS 10.

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