Ken MacBeth X-Series Proton (Sneak Preview)

At Superbooth 16, Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems previewed the prototypes of his new X-Series Proton – a new synth voice module.

The Proton is in the prototype stage, and MacBeth brought along a wide variety of prototype modules.

So, while this video, via SonicState, doesn’t give you a preview of the sound of the module, it offers an interesting look at process that MacBeth goes through in creating a new module.

Pricing and availability for the MacBeth X-Series Proton Eurorack module are to be announced.

8 thoughts on “Ken MacBeth X-Series Proton (Sneak Preview)

  1. love the last variation as a minitaur killer… wonder what he’s thinking about price

    and the stevie wonder reference 😀

  2. Seriously? People aren’t losing their minds over this?

    The 2 most asked for yet never made MacBeth devices have been an all in one single voice module, and that touchplate!

    I’ve always kind of wanted a “complete voice” module like the Pittsburgh, Doepfer, Moog offerings. But this will sound absolutely amazing and be lifetime-purchase quality level.

  3. Ken MacBeth is a legend and a treasure! So unpretentious and honest! His instruments are works of art, his passion for synth design is unparalleled. MacBeth Eurorack modules will be a significant step for his company, hope it brings him more success!

  4. guy is amazing. very humble, will answer any question you have. Very lucky to have this guy around in the world of synthesis.

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