Free Update Turns Atmegatron Into A Polyphonic String Synthesizer


Designer Paul Soulsby of Soulsby Synthesizers let us know about a couple of updates that bring new functionality to the Atmegatron:

Strings is the first polyphonic audio engine for the Atmegatron. It simulates a classic string machine, but also adds a host of extra features. It has a lot of clocked parameters, which, when combined, can create some complex timbres.

Easy Uploader – this new app for PC and Mac is the new official way to upload software to the Atmegatron. It does away with the need for installing Arduino and libraries and source code.

Software can now be uploaded to the Atmegatron with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

The Atmegatron is available for £165.83.  The updates are free downloads from the Soulsby Synths site.

6 thoughts on “Free Update Turns Atmegatron Into A Polyphonic String Synthesizer

  1. This guy’s dedication to the ongoing development of this instrument is amazing. It’s quirky & artistic. Like the guys at Bastl Instruments, his contributions to the synth market are wonderful gems.

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