Arturia MatrixBrute Hands-On Demos


The Arturia MatrixBrute analog synthesizer, introduced at the 2016 NAMM Show, is a work in progress.

But Arturia is offering a sneak preview of the MatrixBrute synthesizer at Superbooth 16 and Musikmesse 2016.

Here are a few hands-on demos, offering both an update on both the state of the MatrixBrute and a preview of the analog synth’s sound:

Arturia MatrixBrute Update at Superbooth

MatrixBrute Sound Demo at Musikmesse:

Musikmesse 2016 MatrixBrute Demo:

Arturia MatrixBrute Demo at Musikmesse:

Videos via SonicState, SourceDistributionBPB

27 thoughts on “Arturia MatrixBrute Hands-On Demos

  1. I will try not to let my Arturia fan boy tendencies prevail here – especially as I have just bought the Beatstep Pro (which is great). Most of us probably know the basic sound this will produce due to the myriad videos on the Mini and Microbrute (both of which I own too). However, given that this is supposed to be launching soon, I would have expected a more in-depth demo of what it offers over and above the other Brutes – specifically the sequence/modulation possibilities. Nows its time to step up the plate Arturia and tell me why I need to part with £1500.

    1. Well I just watched a gratuitous video, that showed me fully what this has above a miniBrute – almost everything.

      And don’t get me wrong, all synth demos should be gratuitous and fun.

      I don’t think I’d enjoy this synth for any personal use, but I’d love to see someone play this out on stage.

    2. I know they’ve showed it at two trade shows but I guess it’s not really ready yet and they’re reluctant to let too much out there. BUT… can we get a basic patch, a basic 3 oscillator sound? Why is it the first thing they do in all video is add all sorts of VCO FM? I hate that crap (except sometimes if you scale it perfectly across the keyboard). Even worse is when you have VCO FM crap and then overdrive the filter. I hate that sound unless it’s warm and fuzzy, and this is the polar opposite.

  2. The functionality seems great, the sound is nevertheless not by any means convincing for a synth meant to play in this league.

  3. Thank you for compiling all of these videos into one spot. Looks promising. There are a lot of overdriven, aggressive sounds shown here. I was able to get a lot of nice rich sounds out of my old Minibrute, which I miss. I look forward to trying one of these out in person when they become available.

  4. Current gray color scheme is practical but kinda cheap plastic feel. Make it black or white then it’ll look gorgeous.

  5. Usuall Arturia crap
    100% analog = 1000% overpriced
    If this is going to be anything like the Origin with its premises and non existent tech support like any other Arturia product I’ll pass thanks
    Looks cheap ,felt even cheaper the sounds it produces yeah you can reproduce on only $100 synth
    Besides if you going to spend that money better off getting a second hand Moog voyager or a new sub 37

  6. Really impressed so far with the sounds. The 3-osc lead sounded particularly yummy. Not so sure about the “reverb” but perhaps it will sound nice in moderation. I hope the delay is available as a mod destination.

    Given the product’s current state I predict Arturia will miss their availability target by a wide margin. Like as in good luck buying one before 2017. Still I truly hope they take the time to get this product right before shipping. I am concerned that they might rush the product to market withoiut truly refining it. If that happens the synth is doomed.

    Just having everything working is not enough – at this price it needs to really sound incredible. If it does, I will definitely buy a Matrix Brute.

  7. I look forward to the launch and subsequent immediate abandonment by Arturia devs as they move on to their next product, leaving yet another one broken and alone.

  8. I cannot get over of FINALLY having that amazingly expensive, massive matrix there, and have it totally GIMPED into sequencing a bloody ONE sequencer track instead of using those CV outs for driving external gear.

  9. I like the grey and the whole look. Hate white cause it will be dirty after two sessions and looks over the top. No I think they have a winner in sound and design.

  10. The synth looks to have some fun character. But that reverb sounds cheesy and cheap to me. Like something that would come out of a $100 guitar practice amp.

  11. They had better get it out soon as I have a birthday with a 0 coming up and the synth gods are promising
    Matrix Brute
    Sub 37
    Modal mono
    Pro 2
    which one????

  12. I think I’m in the minority but I like the sound of that synth. I like the sound of the mini, the micro and I like the sound of that one as well. I think it has it’s own sound. The tone is decent enough but more importantly it moves well. It glides, and slides, and grunts, and pops very satisfyingly. The BBD reverb works well with the sound… cranky and clanky and bangy and broken and kind of shit. And I got to say I like the patchbay. it’s a nice idea to keep things flowing, to easily try things out and have a poke around. Ya I’d like a go… it looks like fun 🙂

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