The Theresyn Is A New Theremin + Synthesizer Hybrid


The Thérésyn is a new theremin + synthesizer hybrid, that’s designed to combine the best features of the theremin with powerful synthesis options.

The Theresyn is created by a group of talented instrument designers:

  • Nori Ubukata (left) – thereminist and Theresyn concept designer
  • Chris Dubier (middle) – custom woodwork design
  • Yves Usson (right) – circuit designer (Usson is known for his work on the Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute)

In addition to its synthesis capabilities, a key difference between a regular theremin and the Theresyn is that the Theresyn adds a touch pad amplitude controller, which allows for articulations that aren’t possible on a standard theremin.

Here’s a set of video demos:

Here’s a demo from Musikmesse 2016, via SonicState:

Preliminary Technical Details:

  • 7 octave range
  • Foldable antennas
  • Touch trigger pad with pressure sensor (inspired from Konstantin Kovalsky’s theremin)
  • Resonator with Jawari (inspired from the Palm du diffuser of the Ondes Martenot)
  • Built in speaker
  • Power supply by AC outlet or battery
  • Headphone output
  • Tuner output
  • Two audio outputs (one for the instrument and another one for the resonator)
  • Mute switch
  • Pitch tracking Multimode Filter
  • Envelope generator (available in pad trigger mode)
  • Possibility of mixing the Thérésyn OSC with VCO waves
  • VCO with several waveforms (saw, square, pulse, white noise and tri-saw with metalizer)
  • Volume antenna mode, pad trigger pressure mode and pad trigger EG mode are switchable

Pricing and Availability

The Thérésyn is currently under development and is expected to be available for sale later on during the year. Pricing is TBA.

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8 thoughts on “The Theresyn Is A New Theremin + Synthesizer Hybrid

  1. This is just the raw unprocessed sound. Get it though a reverb, phaser, chorus, delay or something like that, I think this can be awesome sounding. What I dont understand is why, even though a thereminist is one of the devs, they cant make a proper demo. Oh well, not unusual today it seems.
    Still, its a really nice looking instrument. Probably wont cost much at all.

  2. An ambidextrous version of this? I feel my right hand would better be suited for the “drumming” control.

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