Stardust Intros 20 New Custom Synth Covers

Humberto Matias of Stardust Covers let us know that they’ve introduced 20 new custom synth dust covers, for both vintage and modern keyboards.

The custom synth covers included designs for the Jupiter 6, 8, 909, Prophet 6 and 12.

Stardust also offers the custom covers unprinted, in all black:


The all-black covers range in price from around €35.00 to €59.00, depending on the size of the keyboard. Pricing on the printed covers is around €50-80. See their site for details and pricing.

13 thoughts on “Stardust Intros 20 New Custom Synth Covers

    1. dust (and pet hair if you dare let pets in your studio). I always cover my synths any time they’re not being played. I’ve used the covers for years but don’t like the material they’re using now. I’ve purchased 7 stardust covers so far, three currently here being used and they’re great.

    1. not to be a jerk but towels don’t really stop dust from getting through. I do also use towels for some stuff though but not ideal.

  1. These are lame, you can’t even spill a beer on it, also how is the “high density foam” on the inside not going to just break down and simply turn to dust over the years. I prefer Decksavers for my new hardware, but the “decksaver” company sucks and releases products that don’t fit correctly. I’m glad they don’t make them for vintage gear.

    Maybe if there was enough interest, someone (in the USA) should motivate to produce clear hard-plastic (acrylic, perspex, or lexgard, etc) covers for vintage (and even other new) synths. Unfortunately, the order sizes likely wouldn’t be large enough to break-even for the vintage stuff, as it is obvious that there are too many synth collectors who would prefer covers that look like they are from the 60’s and made of “pleather”.

    Um, isn’t it 2016?

  2. I’m a sheets-from-goodwill kinda man. And only when I won’t be using stuff for a stretch.

    +10 on the foam comment. I’m sure there’s been all sorts of innovation there but after being burnt (crumbled on?) by foam simply disintegrating into my gear, I’ll never store anything next to foam. The last time it happened it was a synth in a hard case that I Ieft in my studio for __TWO WEEKS__. At some point between the show and day 14 when I went to get it out the foam had totally disintegrated.

  3. .. Foam is not touching the synth, it’s an inner layer. As for how it will react over the years I’m not sure, but I would assume people with valueable synths with expensive covers are keeping them in climate controlled environments so no reason they won’t last a very long time. I can say the covers are very nice and fit perfectly…. And for the guy above you can spill all the beers you want on it (not sure where that comment came from).

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