Ken MacBeth At Superbooth 16

At Superbooth 16, Ken MacBeth of MacBeth Studio Systems gave an overview and sonic demo of his Elements synthesizer, along with some of his custom prototypes. 

Watch for his unique approach to ‘analog memory’ for a prototype sequencer and a custom touch keyboard.

Information on MacBeth’s designs is available at the MacBeth Studio Systems site.

13 thoughts on “Ken MacBeth At Superbooth 16

  1. Lovely to see Ken showing off some new stuff but would be nice if he would reply to emails about various issues I’m having with my Micromac D…

  2. “Sometimes, one gets lost…” is going to be my new mantra!

    Even in this shitty-sounding youtube video you can hear how these machines fill up the beautiful hall with sound. Got a chance to fiddle with one at superbooth, and every sound that comes out of these things is alive and proud!

  3. That was . . . hmm . . . pretty abstract. And yet I think I saw both Eno and Emerson references in there. Credit to the guy for getting up and doing a performance. Go Ken!

    If I had the money I’d be like a divorced Barbie – I’d have all Ken’s stuff!

  4. He might not be a musician, this might be abstract stuff…… but the sounds this thing can produce, the possibilities it has….. this is our time’s biggest new classic. This will stand the test of time as a true analogue classic.
    Now only to find the funding for one……. hmmm, where did I put my Platinum card?

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