New Plugin, ‘Speaker’, Makes Anything Sound Like It’s Being Played On An Old Radio


AudioThing has introduced Speaker – a simple overdrive effect with speaker emulation, for OS X & Windows.

Speaker can be used to make any audio source sound as if it’s being played on an old radio. It can also be used to emulate a cheap guitar cabinet or to give harshness to any sound.

Here’s an official video demo:

Here are the official audio demos:

AudioThing Speaker is available for US $9.95, or free to anyone who purchased an AudioThing plugin before or during their 5th Anniversary Sale.

8 thoughts on “New Plugin, ‘Speaker’, Makes Anything Sound Like It’s Being Played On An Old Radio

    1. Not accurate enough I’m afraid. It would be great to have a plugin that actually does a good job of mimicking several cellphone speakers. Once had to design a meditationbell for an app. It was incredibly hard to make a bellsound that didn’t resonate and distort most phones while still retaining loudness without being harsh. An ability to test inside the DAW would be great.

        1. Yes, I know and I own a copy, but it still not accurate enough to make decisions regarding the technical limitations of the speaker. It gives an impression, but it doesn’t tell you for instance at what frequency and gain the phone itself will resonate.

  1. @Chryst: well, if you disregard the distortion and other non-linearities, you could easily record an impulse response from the mobile, no?
    (sorry i did miss the reply to button)

  2. that would be awesome a daw that can do that,having to make several copies in different formats and then checking them is well past date to be reolutionized ,to simply press a button and then your in mp3 mode with mobilephone speaker simulator running ,awesome

  3. Without any negativity intended I’d like to point out that Audio Ease is a $495 program while AudioThing’s Speaker is $10.

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