Korg Volca FM Intro, With Chief Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi

Korg has released an official introduction to their new Volca FM synthesizer, featuring Chief Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi.The Volca FM synthesizer is a three-voice digital FM synthesizer that reproduces the sound of the Yamaha DX7.

Korg says that the Volca FM’s six operators and 32 algorithms provide complete compatibility with patches from the Yamaha DX7, and it can load files in the DX7’s SYS-EX/SYX format.

The Korg Volca FM has a street price of about US $160. For more info, see the Korg site.

31 thoughts on “Korg Volca FM Intro, With Chief Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi

  1. I wonder what the outputs are like on these. Are they loud or a bit flat? It’s so cheap it really is very tempting.

      1. I believe he means that since the Minilogue is a bigger, more featured version of the Volca Keys/Bass, he’s expecting a similarly bigger, more featured version of the Volca FM.

        In that same line of thought, a bigger, more featured version of the Volca Beats would be cool. The Sample already has a bigger brother in the Electribe Sampler, so good to go there.

        1. yes, this is what I meant : A minilogue (and I simplify) is a beefed up volcas / analog engines. I would not be surprised to see a “minilogue” but with fm engine base on the Volca FM.

    1. That’s true, I should know since I had one.. Do you think second-hand prices might come down a bit if we keep talking about using them on the toilet?

  2. I really need one of these.
    I am still hoping the volca line creates a volca chip, modular and a volca beats II that is osc instead of sample driven (more like a mini er-1 kinda thing)

    1. I don’t see how you can go more modular that a small battery powered box, far more modular and adapting than a Eurorack setup, in that you need a Eurorack setup but with a Volca you don’t – but can add that. I also don’t like the sound, and think I wouldn’t like the sound, of a Volca Chip. A 2nd Bass for a deeper vibe and an updated Beats, with 8 outs would be nice. But I am thinknig Volca Wavetable should be the next thing, with a nice set of apps for making wavetables and uploading to the box.

      Or a Volca Groove would be good, combine a few from the range into a nice stand-a-lone groove box.

  3. As much as I dig Korg for resurrecting FM synthesis. Get an FB01 for cheaper than this or go out and find a SY77, nothing will come close to latter: the King of FM synths.

    1. Totally take your point, and usually agree, but the Volcas do add a fun factor (and form factor, among other things like the sequencer) that is worth money in-trade for lots of people. That is to say, it’s not just the sound on offer here.

  4. The only disappointment is the polyphony. The Volca Sampler has 8 notes of polyphony. It would be cool if Korg made a Kronos type of Volca where all the Volca instruments are in one box.

    1. Eh, part of the charm of the Volcas is the quirky “gotta catch em all”-ness of collecting them, So I’d rather see them keep coming out with new boxes to add to the range than try and update or combine the older ones. A few idea off the top of my head that Korg are free to run with:

      Volca Mod- Monophonic semi modular analog box, like a poor man’s MS-20
      Volca Voice – A Volca sized vocoder, complete with adorable mini microphone!
      Volca Wave – A wavetable with the ability to motion sequence wave changes
      Volca Pad – A padsynth/organ emulation with automatable harmonic sliders
      Volca Mix – just like the fake from last year, a simple mixer (automated EQ’s?)
      Volca FX – basic multi-effects unit with motion sequenced effect parameters with kaoss pad

      Add in buying the first five Volcas and it’d be a measly $1760 to buy them all. Wait, what?

  5. Time for the Volca mixer. Basic 4-6 channel mixer with panning, clock distribution and a 1×4 midi thru box built in. Maybe an effects send or a built in mini Kaoss pad.

  6. I’d love to see Korg do an analog string machine in the Volca format. The streichfett is cool, but definitely has a bit of a digital “sheen” to my ears. Better yet, do Volca versions of the PE-1000 and PE-2000!

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