MusicTech Fest Coming To The Funkhaus Berlin, May 27-30

The 10th edition of the MusicTech Fest– an event focusing on innovation in music technology – will be held May 27 to May 30, 2016 at Funkhaus Berlin.

The 4-day event will feature back-to-back performances, demonstrations and showcase some of ‘the most mind-blowing advances at the intersection of art and science’.

Some of the highlights of the event include:

  • Working with ‘bionic pop artist’ Viktoria Modesta and creative technologists to create a brand new image, ethos and vision for the music industry;
  • #MTFLates: Overnight DJs, performances and experiments in a secret chamber of the incredible Funkhaus Berlin;
  • #MTFLabs: Blockchain – a week of experiments and prototypes with world leading experts in the field of blockchain technology, industry and policy makers;
  • The General Assembly and legal formation of the European Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) on Monday, hosted by MusicTech Fest at Funkhaus, brings together the European policymakers and captains of industry representing almost 500 major companies invested in the future of the internet – including Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, Philips, Intel…
  • The unveiling of our #MusicBricks incubated commercial prototypes and startups to an industry only VIP networking event, #MTFAmplifier;
  • A Trackathon led by UK top 10 producer, Ivor Novello nominee and remixer of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Shakira and others – coaching a dozen electronic producers in Berlin to each create a dance track in 24 hours during the festival.
  • A giant creative laboratory of innovation, performance and experimentation bringing together a line-up of world renowned artists, Mercury nominees and top producers with engineers, designers, hackers and scientists to invent the future of music and the future of technology – with more being announced daily right up to the festival.

Here’s a video preview of the event:

MusicTech Fest Details:

WHERE: The historic Funkhaus is the largest recording studio in the world, and festival stages will feature back-to-back performances of new inventions in music tech and sonic arts.

WHEN: 27-30 May 2016


  • In the largest recording studio in the world, dual festival stages feature back to back performances of new inventions in music tech and sonic arts
  • An array of musical instruments, both familiar and new, for anyone at all to pick up and play together with famous artists in the Jam Camp
  • Bionic artists and musical cyborgs create choreographed performance with body enhancements and extensions built from components.
  • World-class electronic music producers race against the clock to create a new track for the dancefloor in the Trackathon.
  • New technologies that create universal accessibility for music participation.
  • Interactive performances in secret spaces that create music from dance, and blend light with acrobatics.
  • Women in music tech moving to the forefront of the music industry vanguard.
  • Neuroscientists and video artists create music and visuals from the human brain
  • Hackers, makers, circuit benders and musicians work together to build IoT products and musical experiences from microcontrollers with environmental and gesture sensors
  • DJs, live performances and late night experiments right through the night in the #MTFLates.
  • Investors and industry leaders share a drink and swap cards with innovative music tech startups in the #MTFAmplifier.
  • Kids learning to code, create music and build with physical computing, conductive paint and monsters.
  • Music as a social glue connecting artists and scientists, academia and industry, performers and artists – and bridging political, geographic and philosophical divides.
  • …and much, much, much more.

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT: MusicTech Fest is about using technology to open doors and design a new media language that will transform the existing cultural scene and provide new directions for creative and tech industries.

Tickets for MusicTech Fest Berlin are available now, with three day passes priced at €150.00.

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