Win A Moog Mother 32 From Gary Numan + I Speak Machine

Gary Numan and I Speak Machine have announced a Moog Mother 32 giveaway to help promote their upcoming US/Canada tour dates, including shows in LA, Chicago, New York, Austin and at Moogfeest 2016.

“We’ll be supporting the legendary Gary Numan on 9 dates of his US/ Canada tour,” I Speak Machine’s Tara Busch told us. “We’ll also be making a stop at the glorious Moogfest May 20th. And to warm our muscles, we are doing a warm – up show in LA at Hyperion Tavern on May 4th at 11:30 pm.”

As part of their part of the show, I Speak Machine will screening their ‘splendidly bloody’ short film Zombies 1985, which features Numan’s 3 daughters as zombies.

Here’s a preview of the film, featuring a live score performance by Busch:

Busch also let us know about a synth giveaway, in partnership with Moog. “To celebrate the tour and Moogfest, we’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Moog again to give away one beautiful little beast – The Mother 32, signed by myself and Gary Numan!”

Details on the Moog Mother 32 giveaway are available at the I Speak Machine site, along with their upcoming tour dates.

7 thoughts on “Win A Moog Mother 32 From Gary Numan + I Speak Machine

  1. Now let me get this straight,
    the price of a moog mother 32 is?????
    and only one is given away on a bunch of tour dates?
    and how much money does each tour date bring in ?
    any disillusion out there yet?

    Sorry just like to point strange things out

    1. Opening acts often lose money on tours, even openers for acts that are exponentially larger than Gary Numan.

      I’m trying to figure out whether you’re dumping on the artist for giving away free things (though it sounds like Moog supplied the gear), or whether I am agreeing with you that the music industry stinks worse than a rotting fish shoved up a dead pig’s rear end. If it’s the latter, I get it, though, again, it looks like Moog is giving away the gear. If it’s the former, please don’t enter a contest that bothers you so much.

      1. I just pointing out that the allot of contest that spend tons more on the adverting for the contest then on the contest prize.
        I do wonder sometimes about the contest whether it friendly or not (this one probably is), i only say this because of this thing in the mall where you drop you name and number in a box to try to win a car , if you see this the best thing you could do is to drop a match in the box.
        Because it is a scam to sign you up for a calling card that you will never get BUT get a bill on your phone bill and will keep getting for at least six months after you call and cancel over a dozen times

        1. Ummm, the purpose of a contest is not to give away free things. The purpose of a contest is to promote a product or event. In this case, the purpose is to promote a show that will probably struggle to make much money, and to promote a synthesizer which, in my opinion, has been overshadowed by a crowded market. If you enter you get a chance to win a free thing, but that comes with a price. Don’t like it, don’t enter.

    2. So exactly how many synths do they need to give away to meet your arbitrary requirements? BTW Tara Busch is super cool and chill, and I’m assuming so is Gary Newman, probably. The only scam here is some creative publicity for their shows, which are probably awesome.

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