Artificial Noise Annouces New Batch Of LAB:1 Synthesizers


Artificial Noise‘s Neil Burnby let us know that they are producing a second run of the LAB:1 Synthesizer.

The LAB:1 Synthesizer is a 100% analog, 6 oscillator experimental synthesizer.

It features 3 audio oscillators (with Triangle, Sawtooth and Square waveforms), 3 low frequency oscillators (with Triangle and Square waveforms) and 1 voltage controlled low pass filter.

The 6 oscillators can be routed in various ways by switches on the front panel. The 3 audio oscillators can also be triggered individually by three buttons on the top of the case or allowed to run freely.

Here’s a video demo:

Audio demo:

Artificial Noise is taking pre-orders for the second batch of LAB:1 synthesizers now through June 17, 2016. The price is $335 + shipping & handling.

18 thoughts on “Artificial Noise Annouces New Batch Of LAB:1 Synthesizers

  1. oh boy, how many more synth manufacturers are out there, for heaven´s sake? it becomes somewhat silly now. the question should be raised: who should purchase all of the stuff?

      1. no, it´s not money. let´s face it: for us, getting our music into the charts is likely to be one of the most important measurements of success. there are many things you need to get right to have a chance of doing this, not least finding (or writing) a song and using the right instruments/sounds. moog or dsi sounds are unfit for any of these purposes imo. i use nexus 2 (over 2,250 presets) and sylenth 1 (over 1,300) instead. i find these tiny little boxes useless. i had a mopho and sold it. i couldn´t use its sounds within contemporary dance music.

        1. What about Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers or Deadmau5? From your comment it appears that your more interested in presets than sound design. Whilst this synth may not be for you, there are plenty of extremely successful musicians who do use gear such as Moog and DSI synths whilst having great chart success. So to say that Moog or DSI sounds are unfit for making successful chart music seems somewhat naive.
          I don’t think choice is a bad thing, whether it meets my personal needs or not. It can drive innovation and has helped lower prices of types of synths that a decade ago would have been out of a lot of people’s price ranges.

          1. > What about Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers or Deadmau5?
            i was talking about mega sellers like avicii who solely works “in the box”, using fl studio. ask the world´s current #1 remixer dave audé. guess what: he uses his jupiter 80 only as masterkeyboard/controller for pro tools! i guess he likes the jupiter´s keybed. they all give a damn about tiny toyish monophonic hardware synths. rightly so imo.

            1. The people I mentioned are only a tiny amount of successful artists that use these instruments. They still have massive success as artists and are able to make a living and much more from their sales. How much more success do you need as an artist? I think your trying to make your evidence fit your point rather than the other way round as you are moving the goalposts for “success”. Just because you say these are toyish synths doesn’t mean they actually are and plenty of artists have had great success with these types of synths, more success than most musicians could ever hope for.
              I think it says more about your own ability to actually create sounds using these synths to fit the music you want to make. If you want to just use presets someone else has made then great, go for it. But why mock other peoples tools just because you don’t seem to be able to use them like successful artists can?
              Good luck to Artificial Noise, the synth looks pretty interesting. Its not my cup of tea but if someone makes great sounds / tracks using it then all power to them!

              1. > The people I mentioned are only a tiny amount
                > of successful artists that use these instruments.
                > They still have massive success as artists
                nope, they haven´t. the whole moog revival is a laughable phenomenon imo. thanks to its on-board valve my polyphonic kingkorg va synth (£679) sounds as least as good as the monophonic voyager (£2,849). the valve is of course able to create analogue warmth. i´d always prefer the kingkorg over any virus, sound-wise, because of the valve. however the virus snow blows dsi stuff out of the water due to its excellent on-board effects.

                1. If multi million record sales worldwide (e.g. Random Access Memories – Daft Punk) isn’t success then I don’t know what is. It seems your determined to refute anything that doesn’t fit with your opinion, regardless of the evidence.
                  If your bar for your own success is higher than those guys then all I say is good luck to you man! That’s a hell of a standard to beat.
                  With regards to your synth comparisons I honestly don’t think it matters what you use as long as you enjoy making it. If you think a King Korg sounds as good as a Voyager then that’s great for you as you save money but I bet there would be a lot of people on here who would disagree with you. People with far more experience with all these synths than both of us.
                  A good track is a good track regardless of what is used on it. It’s not like most people who buy contemporary dance music think “oh yeah I love that (insert synth name here) on that track”. They most likely don’t even care.
                  For me I buy different synths for their architecture as well as their sound. It’s about exploring the synth and different ways of creating sounds on them as well as making music with them. But I’ve yet to hear a VA that sounds as good as the synth its trying to emulate. As good as they are, they just aren’t quite there yet. That doesn’t mean they’re bad synths, just different.

                2. I’d love to hear an example of your king korg’s valve sounding as good as a voyager.. got a link of your music for us all pls?

  2. Who comes to a site dedicated to synths to say there are too many new types of synth?!
    Personaly I am pro choice and live all the small boutique synth guys (espicialy on Eurorack)

    This seems powerful and well priced for the number of oscillators

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