303 Clone For Eurorack Available For $303


Open Music Labs has introduced a project to fund the production of the x0x heart Eurorack module.

The x0x-heart module is the analog synth section extracted from the x0xb0x (a TB303 clone), made small enough to fit the Eurorack format.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • CV control of frequency, gate, accent, slide, env-mod, decay, and cut-off
  • Switches for waveform selection (square and sawtooth), external/internal oscillator mix
  • VCA and VCF outputs
  • x0x-heart Front and Back


  • 10” Euro power cable (16 pin to 10 pin connector)
  • Black anodized aluminum knobs with a diamond knurl pattern and two set screws (with slot heads and flat points)
  • A .063” (1.6mm) highly durable satin aluminum Metalphoto panel with a black print

The x0x heart 303 clone for Eurorack is available for US $303 to project backers.

14 thoughts on “303 Clone For Eurorack Available For $303

  1. 909 and 808 going to be quite expensive with that kind of pricing strategy, but for 303 clone it right spot on ( even Roland got it ), for those who can’t afford real 3003

  2. i’ve had the DIY version of this for about 2 years now and it can be made to sound like a x0x in certain settings (i A/B-ed against a x0xi0 because i dont have a tb-303) but the range on the filter can be quite limited – there is a thread on MW about that problem. not sure they fixed that on the production modules.
    the video sounds very different because there is some overdrive on the output. check some youtube x0xheart videos additionally if you’re unsure.
    be careful about hte lack of sequencer and check closely how many CV/gates you will need to run this thing. accent and slide info in addition of CV / gate is essential for the 303 sounds, of course

    1. “Please let the 303 just die, move forward people this sound is annoying and so 90s”
      ha the 303 sound will live forever it is the sound of a generation, one that has influenced music and continues to do so……………………….so no acid is definately not dead sorry . . .

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