Studio Electronics Eurorack Modules At Superbooth

At Superbooth 16, we talked with MSL’s Simon Lowther about the latest Studio Electronics Eurorack modules.

He previewed three new Studio Electronics Eurorack modules:

  • Tonestar – an all-in-one synth voice
  • The STE. 16 is a dual LFO, featuring a HI-freq mode and complex waveform mixing possibilities. This wasn’t hooked up, so we didn’t have a chance to preview this.
  • Quadnic Oscillator – this is a ‘deeply featured’ 12hp module with four digital oscillators—each with a selection of 64 waveforms, 7 different processing modes including phase distortion and wave sequencing, and a dedicated volt per octave input. In unison mode, all 4 OSCs can be played via the 1st 1V/O CV input and widely detuned, or switched to a preset chord formation.

For details on the modules, see the Studio Electronics site.

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