Output Intros Movement Rhythmic Effects Processor

movement-bundleboxv3Output – the creator of Exhale, Signal & Rev – has introduced Movement – a powerful realtime processor, designed for both studio and live performance,

Movement’s power comes from blending the original source with 4 unique rhythm engines, each with Sidechain, LFO, & Step Sequencer based modulation, as well as Output’s proprietary Flux and Randomizer.

In addition, there are 76 parameters available to modulate and add motion to the sound.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here’s an overview of Movement:

A feature unique to Movement is the advanced sidechain modulation, allowing the user to modulate up to 38 separate parameters using the input source.

Here’s an example of this option in action with Ableton Live:


  • 300+ Presets for instant playability
  • Modulate any parameter with any rhythm in real time
  • Sidechain, LFO, Step Sequencer rhythm modulation
  • Output’s proprietary Flux and Randomizer
  • Advanced sidechain modulation – modulate any parameter
  • Analog filters, EQ, delay, distortion, compression and reverb effects
  • XY pad for performance
  • Built for live performance and for the studio

Movement is available now for US $149.

If you’ve used Movement, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “Output Intros Movement Rhythmic Effects Processor

  1. “Movement’s power comes from blending the original source with 4 unique rhythm engines … with proprietary flux mode”

    Probably the most hyperbole-laden way possible describe an effect that boils down to an LFO modulating volume and pan in the majority of those demos

  2. Oh man that Turnado intro video… I hate plugs that make me feel like the company is pandering to an “IDM Electro Producer / DJ ” with “One knob that does it all!” Makes me feel like they think I am stupid.

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