28 thoughts on “Mastering & Routing With Deadmau5 & Steve Duda

          1. I don’t know man, not a very well written article. I think misogyny takes a minimum level of intelligence. Dumb people doing dumb things online isn’t that… It’s just sad.

            After actually watching that video, I feel kinda bad for the guy. He seems very depressed to me, and making acerbic comments online correlates well with that. It’s not hard to imagine. Being trapped in a world where I had to make the same song over and over again, to keep explaining the same 3 audio engineering 101 techniques on endless videos… sounds like he’s in his own personal hell right now. Kinda feel bad for the guy, used to listen a lot circa 2005. Had a lot of promise, could have been better, too bad, crazy world.

            1. “I think misogyny takes a minimum level of intelligence” is such a weird statement to make. How about racism? Homophobia? Does one have to be a little bit intelligent to hate those different from themselves? Are all unintelligent people afraid of those different from themselves?

    1. Obviously, he got this laptop just before filming this video and simply installed fresh copy of Ableton, Serum and couple of plugs (you can see almost empty VST browser in Ableton) just to show and promote the product. Obviously its not his workstation, so Ableton is in default state (tips are on).

    2. i’ve used ableton since v2 and i still keep those on half the time. i swear, people would hate on this guy for sneezing.

    1. Well, in the context of producing EDM, and touring that internationally, while earning a living from a combined revenue and being a recognizable icon in that process, maybe he is an ‘expert’. I guess your ‘expert’ standards are higher than most. If you cut him he will bleed, tattoo ink, but he will bleed.

      I would class an expert as someone how knows what they and saying or doing, what has he still got to to do to make him an ‘expert’ in your eyes? Write a song you like? It’s all about you. But, I thank you for your ‘expert’ opinion all the same.

  1. You can like or dislike his music but his records are selling like hell and his shows are always soldout. Yes, he his a reference in modern electronic music.

      EDM is >NOT Music at all is just random noise for disturbed losers.

  2. Steve Duda, he always looks so chilled out and calm. đŸ™‚ ….and he makes some of my favorite plugins!


  3. To be fair he’s done ok for somebody that started off wearing a giant mouse head with eyes that flashed to the beat. Pretty cringy but it obviously paid off. Welcome to the world of the modern dj!

    Fantastic studio though!

  4. At least he’s up and sharing his how to in some way, I don’t care for him or his music but enjoyed watching this I’m always keen to find out differant approaches to ableton especially mastering, thanks for sharing. Oh by the way I’ve always had the help window on for the last 6 years I’ve just never bothers to turn it off haha

    1. ? This is a marketing video for Razer, not a heavily thought out Deadmau5/Duda tutorial production. It’s to sell laptops. I’m sure they’re well paid to attach names to product.

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