Serum Toolkit Offers 100 New Presets

serum-wavetable-synthesizerXfer Records has released Serum Toolkit Vol. 1 – the first preset pack for its Serum Wavetable Synthesizer.

Designed by producer & author Francis Preve, the collection offers 100 presets that Xfer says ‘run the gamut from modern genres like Future House, Indie, and Ambient, to reproductions of vintage synths like the Arp Omni II, Roland D-50 and TB-303’. The Toolkit also includes an array of special effects like Dopplers, risers, cheering crowds and talk boxes.

Here’s the official video intro:

Preve has programmed the presets in the collection to make extensive use of Serum’s Macro knobs, in a consistent manner. Controls like Spectrum, Filter, Envelope and FX deliver consistent results across the collection, with more specialized controls available for percussion sounds like analog handclaps and hardstyle kicks and toms, as well as the Toolkit’s selection of rhythmic loops.

The package includes:

  • 16 Basses
  • 14 Leads
  • 46 keyboard, synth, pad, and choir textures
  • 10 Rhythmic/Sequenced elements
  • 7 Drum/Percussion sounds
  • 7 Sound Effects

Serum Toolkit Vol. 1 is available now for US $29.

4 thoughts on “Serum Toolkit Offers 100 New Presets

  1. Though I too like making my own sounds in Serum, for only $29 I love supporting artists so they can make a living doing what they enjoy. So I bought it.

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