Native Instruments Introduces Replika XT Multi-Mode Delay


Native Instruments has introduced Replika XT – a creative multi-mode delay plugin for OS X & Windows.

The five delay modes span crisp digital repeats, ‘analog warmth’, and experimental textures. Additionally, seven effects and advanced options let you add depth and width to mixes.

Replika XT was inspired by some of the most revered delays in history. The plug-in features five delay modes, each with its own distinct character.

  • Modern provides clean, precise, controllable repeats.
  • Vintage Digital offers warm, repeats modeled after early samplers and digital delays.
  • Analog replicates the sound of analog bucket-brigade pedals.
  • Tape provides the punchy, smooth sound of classic tape echo units.
  • Diffusion Mode provides swirling reverberant echoes unlike any physical space.

Pattern controls allow you to create rhythmic repeats that shift organically with the music. Panning for each delay line as well as the dry signal allows a custom stereo image. The ducking feature keeps percussive hits tight while still adding space to a drum mix.

Replika XT is available now for $99 / 99 € / £89 / ¥ 12,800 / AU$ 149. See the NI site for audio demos.

13 thoughts on “Native Instruments Introduces Replika XT Multi-Mode Delay

  1. Looks cool, I just wish NI would have released it with a working gui for Maschine users. As of now I have to toggle to mixer view to view the gui editor or use the generic editor in standard view. How lame is that? :/

  2. Ever since I found Waves, my Komplete is untouched apart from The Finger for mixing. Epic beginner level. Waves has taken my audio to professional sound in a heart beat. Guys save your money and buy UAD or Waves.

  3. Been using the standard replika as my main delay for mix downs for almost a year, one of the best sounding digital delays i’ve ever used. Absolutely killer on vocals. The NI stuff isn’t usually considered to be top shelf in the FX department, but replika is a different story, absolutely my favorite delay currently. The XT version here looks cool, but I honestly use replika for more bread and butter applications, so I wouldn’t necessarily use all of the features. That said, the Tape and BBD look awesome, and depending on how good those sound I would totally jump on board for the $50 upgrade. Nice Job NI!

    1. the tape sounds really good.. i’m not so convinced about the BBD but also the character knob of the bbd doesn’t really makes sense to me..

      if you need those effects the $50 upgrade is a no brainer.

      what’s actualyl really nice is the right section with all the added weird effects like pitch shift etc…those can be run on their own and are also a nice added value.



    2. Not sure about Ni not being top shelf in the Fx department..
      The compressor emulations vc160 and Vc76 are killers plugs. Really good sound and emulation.
      I do love replika too. Lovely delay and nice bang for the bucks. Not sure i need the update tho

      1. Absolutely agree. Their effects are certainly incredible. I use VC 76 and VC 160 on a daily basis, as well as RC 48 reverb. Their Solid Series is also really good, especially the bus compressor. I guess what I should have said is that many people overlook the NI effects, and look to waves or UAD when they look for effects plugins, as those guys typically have licensed emulations of the products they model, and thats what people look for. The NI stuff is just as good in terms of quality, and in many cases possesses a more musical quality than the other guys’ emulations.

  4. Actually, I have to agree. The vanilla Replika is so bloody good, I wasn’t that thrilled by the XT additions. Something like a multi-tap delay would have been welcome. May upgrade at some point, but didn’t hear anything that that I had to have.

  5. Love the original; in spite of being potentially way too the hell out there. I find it very musical, and stuff sits in the mix in ways I like, similar to Echoboy but a very different effect. Got the Rob Papen one, it is a tough one to get a handle on. The new Izotope is interesting…I don’t know. I find it very, very frustrating to not have looping in Logic where I can play into new generations of overdubs, and all of these plugins do not provide it. I wish at least one of them could do that stand alone if not as an audio unit. If Mainstage plugged into Logic, great, but the $29 software is divorced from the main DAW.

    Any suggestions for a really good, software based live looping plugin or rig other that Ableton? Thanks in advance…

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