LNX Studio Is A Free, Open Source (GPL) DAW For OS X

Developer Neil Cosgrove let us know about LNX Studio – a free & open source (GPL) DAW for OS X.

“It has a few special features we think people would be interested in,” he notes. “It comes with a lot of built in instruments & effects, like virtual synths & drum machine, but it can do several other things as well.”

“Its features are networked, so users can connect together and collaborate in real time. So, moving sliders & pressing buttons are mirrored on all computers,” adds Cosgrove.  “It is also made in SuperCollider, so you can code, edit or design your own instruments + effects all within the DAW’s GUI.”

The current version of LNX Studio works on any Mac running OS X 10.8.5+. A Linux version is under active development, and is in alpha, with a proper Linux standalone out soon. There is no PC support yet, but it is planned.


  • Networked collaborative DAW
  • Powerful Synthesis Engine (Supercollider)
  • Full MIDI integration
  • Virtual Analog synthesisers
  • Drum machines
  • Step Sequencers
  • Piano Roll – (Import MIDI files)
  • Effects
  • Record Audio Out
  • Presets & Programs
  • Automation
  • Chord library
  • Design your own instruments & effects
  • Control external equipment

LNX Studio is available for OS X as a free download.

If you’ve tried LNX Studio, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!


6 thoughts on “LNX Studio Is A Free, Open Source (GPL) DAW For OS X

  1. Yep! Lotsa original ideas in a small package! Realtime collab, supercollider, different design. Big respect.

  2. Hard to tell from the demo but if this is promoted is a “DAW”, one would gather it handles Audio as well as Midi instruments? Otherwise looks like a nice super sequencer, esp for free!

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