New Deep House Bass Station II Preset Collection

novation-bass-station-2Audio Diggers has released Deep House – Bass Station II Presets, a collection of 93 presets for the Novation Bass Station II hardware synthesizer.

The sounds are inspired by some of deep house producers, like Huxley, Ethyl, Flashmob, Julio Bashmore, Duke Dumont and Adana Twins.

Here’s an audio preview:

The Deep House – Bass Station II Presets collection features drums, basses, keys, leads, pads, synths and SFX, all designed for house music productions.

Deep House – Bass Station II is available at the Audio Diggers site for 15 EUR.

7 thoughts on “New Deep House Bass Station II Preset Collection

    1. I gotta agree with you there. Those presets where about as deep as a bowl of shredded wheat. I don’t even know what the fuck that means.

    1. i haven’t every bought presets packs but I don’t see the harm in them. they seem practical as starting points and learning for someone who knows what they want to make but don’t want to spend hundreds of hours learning to program patches first.

  1. Why would you even bother buying an ‘analogue’ synth if you aren’t going to be making your own sounds? Just use samples surely if you want to make the latest in generic trend music…

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