Soundmachines SD1simpledrum Eurorack Module (Sneak Preview)

At Superbooth 16, we got a sneak preview from designer Davide Mancini of the upcoming Soundmachines SD1simpledrum Eurorack module.


  • Six channel PCM drum module
  • Channels are grouped per sound type:   1-BD 2-CH 3-OH 4-SD 5-HT/PERC 6-LT/PERC
  • 16/24 sounds per channel (single and double)
  • For each channel user can choose:
  • Instrument (sound)
  • Mix level
  • Accent amount
  • Overall (Mix) reverb amount
  • Alternative CV modes (blue led ON):
  • Value region1: Humanize HH (instrument level variations on CH and OH channels)
  • Value region 2: Humanize HH+SD
  • Value region 3: Humanize HH+SD+BD
  • Value region 4: random instr on ch 6
  • Value region 5: random instr on ch 5+6
  • Value Region 6: BASS SYNTH on ch 5/6
  • Value region 7: LEAD SYNTH on ch5/6 (synth modes uses CH5 as GATE, CH6 as PITCH and acc/cv as SCALE (Maj,min,pentatonic, dorian Maj7, min7, whole, chromatic))

Pricing and Availability

The Soundmachines SD1simpledrum Eurorack module is ‘coming soon’, with pricing expected to be 180 Euro (+ VAT). See the Soundmachines site for more info.

8 thoughts on “Soundmachines SD1simpledrum Eurorack Module (Sneak Preview)

    1. It’s six simultaneous sounds, but you can choose from a larger number of sounds. He demos that in the video.

  1. For all the craze of everything analogue and all things modular, the irony that a sample based digital module has such fervour.

    1. if you play with a 6u case plus sequencers you probably wont have a hand free for co trolling a complex complete analigue drum skiff nor enough space in your luggage to bring another 6u. so either you have an external drumsynth or you have a small rack that you can bring alongside the sequencers in a lets say laptopbag. with a small triggersource like the dc1 plus one of those and two picos plus 808 kick you have a nice little drum box. absolutely makes sense. oh and analogue for me is only stuff that needs no power. so in the end let’s say its electronic instruments, analog digital debates are redundant.

      1. Phllips, I can could not agree more with you, that is precisely why I said it was ironic. I think if one has a modicum of understanding of science and physics, the conversation of Digital vs Analogue is purely academic.

    2. Who has a modular these days without some digital modules?

      Some of the most popular modules are from Mutable Instruments, SynthTech and Audio Damage, and their all running software. With the Audio Damage modules, it’s even the same hardware behind the panel, just running different software.

      The analog purists tend to be trolls and collectors rather than musicians.

  2. Hi there, soundmachines here. Just to be correct, the price will be 200€+VAT!
    Soon other videos !

    Since superbooth we implemented some new features:

    -instead of one of the HUMANIZE modes we put a CV over Reverb amount!
    -now drum sounds are also composite (i.e. two concurrent hits on different instruments)
    -two different modes for the alternative synths regarding the triggering (or not) when the pitch changes during the active GATE.
    -there are SIX programming location to save the entire config of the module (instrument, levels, accent for each channel and also the configuration of the alternative modes!!! This is a must for the live-playing guys!
    Thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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