Percussion Synthesis With CG Products Eurorack Modules

At Superbooth 16, we talked with Christian Günther of CG Products and got an introduction to his unique Eurorack synth modules.

Günther is a percussionist, and many of his modules are designed with percussion synthesis in mind. 

In the video he discusses several modules, including:

  • XR22 VCO – a VCO with AM Input and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
  • X – a 4-Quadrant Multiplier
  • Delay1022 – Analog BBD Delay designed for Karplus-Strong synthesis
  • PEAK+HOLD – The Peak & Hold allows one to play and control analog synthesizer equipment using a drum with a pickup or any other percussive signal source.

Details on the modules are available at the CG Products site.

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