Using The Roland Demora Euro Module As A Complete Synth Voice

demora_left_galThe Roland Demora module was originally introduced as the delay effect in Roland’s line of Eurorack effects modules.

But the introduction of Roland Aira Modular Customizer changed that.

The Modular Customizer is a free app for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows that lets you customize the way Roland’s four Aira Eurorack effects modules work.  

Here’s a demo that shows the Demora being used as a complete synth voice:

The video demonstrates some of the sound possibilities of a synth patch, created with the Aira Modular Customizer and running on the Demora module.

If you’ve created an interesting custom patch for the Aira modules, share the details in the comments!

via Roland Canada Tribes

11 thoughts on “Using The Roland Demora Euro Module As A Complete Synth Voice

  1. sounds like how the TB-303 became famous
    someone tweaking a device to do something it was not intended for

    good job

  2. I wonder if it would make sense (in terms of functionality, versatility and money) to get one of these to extend my Mother-32. My first thought is that having something that can be turned into a lot of different things, provides patch points and has a rather digital emphasis could be a good complement to the Mother, specially considering how expensive it is to embrace Eurorack fully.

    1. If you haven’t already, look into Make Noise Maths (or similar modules like the Befaco Rampage). It’s an extremely versatile module that would greatly extend the capabilities of the Mother 32.

      1. I really like the Rampage more than my Maths anymore. Just something about it that makes it more usable and friendly. Hard to put a finger on it honestly.

        And it’s cheaper.

          1. Hey, thanks for the replies! I took a quick look at both the Rampage and the Maths. One thing I couldn’t figure out is if they can be used as another oscillator. Also, one nice thing of the Roland modules is that they’re standalone, whereas the Rampage and the Maths would need an Eurorack case and power supply. Is there a cheap alternative that would allow me to just house one module.

            Thanks again

            1. Honestly, if you are looking to expand, you may as well bite the bullet and get a Eurorack system started.

              There are plenty of options for buying or building cases. It all depends on what you want and how much you want to spend.

              Head over to and click into the forums.

              Moog will be releasing more Euro soon…

    2. That’s exactly what I did with a Scooper. As a first expansion of the Mother 32 it’s a pretty fantastic utility module to have. I really hope Roland keeps on coming out with sub-modules, I’d love to see some more interesting oscillators and complex logic operations… it’s really a wonderful system they have there.

      Either way, I can’t say enough good things about these Aira modules. I wish the System 1m was patchable the way these modules are, I’d definitely buy one.

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