Propellerhead Announces Reason 9

Propellerhead Software today announced Reason 9, the latest version of their music production software. The updated Reason introduces a host of new devices, sounds, and creative tools.

Propellerhead_Reason9_big_screenshotReason 9 introduces three Player devices that, Propellerhead representatives say, “instantly transform any MIDI input into compelling music.” Note Echo creates rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays for melodies, drum rolls, and more. Scales & Chords turns melodies into harmonies and chords. Transpose notes to a selected scale and automatically generate chords for your song, no music theory required. Dual Arpeggio transforms chords into intricate and inspiring rhythms. From classic up-and-down to polyphonic and polyrhythmic, Dual Arpeggio breathes new life into any instrument in your Reason rack.

Reason’s new Pitch Edit mode (pictured below) helps you produce flawless vocals. Fix out-of-tune notes, add vibrato, change your timing, create new melodies from your recording, change the dynamics, and more. Audio to MIDI lets you convert your vocals to MIDI notes for endless sound manipulation possibilities.


Propellerhead_Reason9_new-patchesReason 9 also comes with 1000 new “cutting-edge” sounds. Whether you make chart-topping anthems or the sound of the underground, Reason’s new sound bank will take your music to the next level. The legendary Reason rack is also enhanced with key workflow improvements and darker theme options, perfect for late-night studio sessions.

Propellerhead-reason9Pricing and availability. Propellerhead is offering a grace period for customers who recently purchased Reason 8 (on or after May 1, 2016). Those customers, and any others who choose to purchase and register a qualifying product today is eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 9 “instantly” when it becomes available. For details see the the upgrade page on the Propellerhead website.

Reason 9 will be available for purchase worldwide on June 21, 2016 at the following suggested retail pricing:

  • Reason 9 EUR €405 / USD $449
  • Reason Essentials 9 EUR €120 / USD $129
  • Reason 9 Upgrade (from any previous Reason version) EUR €129 / USD $129

For more information and product specifications, go to the Propellerhead site.

57 thoughts on “Propellerhead Announces Reason 9

    1. It is the danger of turd polishing, fine line between being polished to perfection and falling apart in your hands. I think the filmmaker Michael Bay summed it up when he proclaimed “We are going to need a bigger turd!”

    1. same thing happened with me a few years ago so i emailed them and they kindly gave me the new version. but i had upgraded something like 2 or 3 days before the deadline so i dunno if you will have the same luck since its over a week or so?

      1. I predicted this 6 weeks ago on a G+ group. Look for “so obvious it hurts” sales that PH usually has.

    2. Write to Propellerhead support, maybe they will do something. It’s worth a try. Once had something like this and they were helpful 🙂

  1. Props clearly ran out of steam and charging $129 for what should be free 8.x release is ludicrous.
    I’ve been Reason user since version 1, but for the first time won’t be upgrading,I’m afraid.

  2. I stopped upgrading at V6. I lost faith in the company – which is sad. Many years ago I popped into their offices to thank them for a great product. I wouldn’t do that now.

    Somewhere, and I think it was around V4 or 5, they started to lose my attention. I disliked the new mixing console and hated the introduction of Rack Extensions. I think they gave up when others started to supply the synths and effects.

    I think I only have it on my iMac now due to a feeling of nostalgia….

  3. Based on the comments I was expecting another money grab like Reason 8 was. After watching the promo video I was surprised to be enthused about this update, as I had given up on Reason when 8 was introduced. It seemed as if it was resting on revenues from Propellheadhead Shop or trying to get only new users who are learning to create music.

    The new effects processors they have introduced alone are worth the price which is the cost of a cheap VST. You get at least 5 worth while equivalent VSTs built into Reason 9. The question is do you still use Reason or are you looking for an excuse to get back into it. If you are in this camp, watch the video and decide for yourself. It isn’t a crap upgrade but it may not be right for YOU.

    Personally, I am going to give it a shot. Less than half of a VST and rewire it into my DAW. Tools are good to have on the shelf and I have a number of decent rack instruments. Not completely prepared to walk away from that investment.

  4. I like the work flow reason has, I like the new pitch editor since I do alot of vocal manipulation in my music, and I like the new dual arp. But honestly I’m a bit disappointed at the company for catering to wanna-be’s using generative music tools. I don’t like telling people “I made this” when the program made most of it and I just sort of knew what the buttons did. It feels like not only making a song with preset instruments but also preset composition. Is that really conscious expression? I will be getting the upgrade, but it kind of sucks that Propellorhead is leaning on the rack extension initiative to get new instruments/effects to their users rather than from a new version. I hope to Thor that they finally updated the orkster sound bank.

  5. I hoped for more, wasn’t surpised though as the last paid update offered streamlined file browsing capabilitiy. They haven’t had a good update worth paying for in 2 releases and i still maintain charging all reason owners the same is stupid. Why update unil say reason 12 when there *might* be something new. I used to defend reason as the most stable efficient system but other platforms have really caught up on that front and sadly reason is not keeping pace with the quality of synths, effects or features.

  6. Maschine , push , I would hate for this to be relegated to the past tense in music production .. Come on propellerhead pull something great out of the hat at least a hardware controller /

    1. They have discontinued their soundcard Balance, they said they wanted to focus in Reason only, so don’t expect any hardware release from them in the future!

  7. they should really consider going down the road of akai where this could optionally be a vst plugin in something else… It would make it more useful and pull in new users

      1. Right. Thats not thw same. That just streams audio and midi but doesn’t integrate the apps, is less friendly to use and rewire hosts are few

  8. Propellerheads is so stuck on keeping Reason as a closed system that I have a feeling it will eventually be the thing eventually ruins Reason altogether. For a moment they seemed to be moving in the right direction with rack extensions but at this point I don’t think its enough.

    It’s a bit odd to think that adding vst support with be an “innovative” thing for any audio software company considering nearly every modern DAW has vst support by default, but in Propellerheads case, I feel would have to happen if they plan on keeping themselves relevant.

    Give the people what they want. Just sayin.

  9. Reason user for years, and instabuying every version. So far, I haven’t been disappointed.
    I’m really invested in Reason so even if they did a mediocre release, I’d support them by buying it because I want the core application for my music making to prevail.

    Reason is inspiring enough for me to make music I’m very happy with while really enjoying the process, and that’s all I ask for.

    There are a lot of software producers out there actually making versions that making the user experience worse – if that would happen, then I’d be really worried.
    This Reason release looks like an improvement to me. Eager to verify that in the beta test.

    /Shameless Reason fanboy#1

    A tip: check out for deeper reviews on Reason 9

  10. The pitch edit will be huge for me, as I have been struggling with vocals in my music. I’m still on Reason 7, so upgrading will be a significant change. I hope the audio editing is improved, with easier adding of fades and crossfades on audio clips that are cut up and edited.

  11. @article author: The Propellerheads official Reason 9 announcement doesn’t mention that vibrato can be added in Pitch Edit mode. Can you please verify that this is true?

  12. I was personally hoping for a new synth or a serious update to some or all of the existing synths. But, since I skipped v8, this might be enough for me to purchase the update. New instruments were the thing I looked forward to the most in new versions of Reason but, I don’t think we will be seeing that happening anymore.

    It does seem as if since the introduction of Rack Extensions, Reason are now seeing instruments as an additional revenue stream therefor are no longer going to include new or updated synths in any Reason upgrades going into the future. In a way, they have hamstrung themselves into what they can do for future upgrades.

  13. I haven’t really used Reason in a few years. FL Studio kind of took over all my main production needs. This looks like a minor update than a complete update. I am still on 6 and this doesn’t seem like an update even at a reduced price.

  14. It is gasping for breath, where once it was a breath of fresh air. For all the GUI “enhancements”, it is now almost impossible to navigate through on a single screen. You can still make music with it, and many will make great music with it, but I gave up on it a few years ago and it would take a miraculous update for me to consider moving up from V7.

  15. I have not upgraded since Reason 6.5 and am now wondering if I ever will and should consider selling my license.

    If you’re a dedicated Reason person and find the tool valuable, good for you. It was a blast to use it when I got it and I’m not sure exactly why I keep it other than those good memories. Over the last few years, the focus on developing rack extensions and these minimal paid updates result in the care and feeding of it not being worth the fun it delivers. For me.

    1. if they only purpose of having reason is to think about upgrading each year then yea maybe sell it off

  16. I didn’t buy Reason 8 out of protest (this is a desperately Apple friendly product that is not really convenient or even completely fluid on Windows, yes, buggy even, with only one app available outside of the Apple world), but I’ll still buy Reason 9 to stay in the loop. After all, I’ve enjoyed it since Reason 3, and with all it’s misgivings, it’s still pretty complete and is fun to work with. We’ll see what the future holds, but they’re not done being punished by their consumer base if all they do is tease it with that money grabbing product upgrade pattern.

  17. Idk why everyone is hating on reason. The updates might be seen as skimpy but the actual program is extremely powerful and has a very, you think it, you can create it attitude. When you start flipping the rack around and also delve into more advanced combinator programming/routing things can get very customizable. You don’t have to even use devices for their intended purpose and sometimes you end up using a tool or instrument in unexpected ways. The other day I routed a few lfos to automatically modulate the values of amplitude in a set of vocoder bands all via CV, click and drag interface, non menue diving required. I used spare LFOs from synths, I used midi triggered envelopes to trigger the bass bands. Idk, that’s a kind of work flow I like. It’s just different and that’s all I can say about it. The new tools I really don’t care for because I look down on generative music but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them in a different way. To create something new.

  18. Long time Reason user here. I’m not blown away by the new features but i think they are substantial enough. The “players” thing will open up a whole new category of rack extensions if i’m not mistaken. I don’t get all the Reason hate. It’s a unique product, competitively priced, works really well and is very modular. Since modular synths are all the rage now i would expect Reason to get more love. You get a lot for the price and the upgrades aren’t so expensive. You can be many versions behind and pay the same price for upgrades. It’s not Ableton Live and Live is not Reason.

    1. $129 – “upgrades aren’t so expensive”..,?!
      You must have a lot of cash lying around… 😉
      You can get Traction for less than half of this so called upgrade

  19. what’s with all the “disappointment”?
    Arent synthtopia chatters similarly disappointed in every major DAW update?

    So what do you expect really? DAWs are pretty well featured nowadays.

    The only things that generate enthusiasm here is squeaky $150 hardware synths with minimal features, headphone only outs and discount toy box build quality.

    1. If you read my other posts clearly you can infer Im a long time reason user who has continually upgraded until reason eight – Its not about the amount of money but rather the lack of value. I’m feeling pretty smart that I didn’t spend $258 on the last two updates. I put that money towards An Akai MPC studio black which just came out for $399 and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what I got for my money. Dedicated hardware, great software a huge library and air hybrid 3 an awesome vst. It all sounds way better than anything I have in my extensive collection of reason rack extensions. I was very happy to pay for reason upgrades when they added value heck I even paid when the value add was the ability for me to buy rack extensions!. At this point they’re not adding anything that most people find valuable rather its things that should be free upgrades – there’s no instruments etc… at this point they’re not adding anything that most people find valuable rather their things that should be free because the only point of them releasing them is to get caught up to what’s being offered by competition at their standard price.

  20. I am willing to sell anyone my Reason License for a decent price. Its version 6.5. I also have Record, some cool rack extensions and the original discs and sounds. from back to Version 2.5 So this could be a good package for a Reason fan.

    Contact me through Bandcamp if interested.

    Reason is not what it used to be. I like the program, its GUI, has some cool synths. But what ever they charge for upgrades are a joke. I can fly through anything better faster and sound less plastic then Reasons final mixes. With Ableton, Kontakt and tons of great cheap synths. I mean Reason is just adding tools that are in every other program and they add them as slow as a Turtles pace. Makes me see no future in this product. Kontakt completely destroys Reason in sound quality, libraries, sounds, effects, tools and much more. I mean just go to look at what Heavocity, Sample logic, 8DIO are doing in terms of sound design. Do you want to sound like an 8Bit EDM cheeseball producer or do you really what to add amazing sound to your palette? Reason doesn’t get that. They cater to the EDM cheeseball producers that write here today gone tomorrow tracks that nobody will remember. Ahh well thats a sad case i was hoping Reason would come out with something so cool but yet again they are stuck in their own closed Disney world.

  21. What the hell is the point of buying reason 8 to get reason 9 when you can just buy reason 9 when it’s out

  22. I’m also still on Reason 7 and see no reason (no pun intended) to upgrade. I feel as if the introduction of rack extensions have halted the development of the modules inside the program itself. Why haven’t Reason got it’s own modular synth system? Reaktor has a great system, but the cabling is not intuitive. I’d love Reason soundquality with an easy interface.
    And I would totally love a Reason plugin (wishful thinking, I know).

  23. new devices aside; the pitch editor, bounce in place and audio to MIDI is just enough to justify the upgrade (still using R7), add to that all R8 features, and the new MIDI devices and it’s a huge upgrade all of a sudden.

  24. I would immediately switch to Reason again, if they would finally allow to open Figure songs as MIDI tracks with their corresponding Kong and Thor presets loaded. I am constantly creating a ton of ideas with Figure, but getting them into any DAW to work further on them is a pain in the neck…

  25. Why are they charging for this? This should be a free upgrade. They have really rebuilt the ‘milk your customers’ book to the fullest. Rack extensions that should be priced like apps in a closed system. New features that are old features on other DAWs, even recent one’s like Bitwig. A core package that hasn’t really changed for 10 years minus the occasional fx unit or gimmick device.

    I get why people have moved on from Reason. I’m still on version 6 and for the first time I’ve started a new budding relationship with Bitwig and are liking the world a VSTs a whole lot. $269 for the Arturia V collection (17 vintage synths, polyphonic moogs) vs $299 for 3 rack extensions (based on old VSTs) scarcely bears thinking about. Omnisphere 2 was of course more money, but the SOUNDS. The sounds have more immediate impact without having to create a combinator from hell and its highly programmable.

    While I have enjoyed my time with Reason, I’m still shocked they went the direction they did. They offered nothing to the old user base other than macro transactions for anything that might be considered modern (extensions) and have kind of shot themselves in the foot when trying to appeal to new musicians who cannot help but notice the vast world of VSTs. Heck even some of these free VSTs are pretty unique sounding.

    Now they are trying to appeal to the 1 finger musician who couldn’t hum C D E F G A B if their life depended on it lol. I know you don’t need to know a thing about music theory or even history today to make music but damn…….

    Such a shame.

  26. Reason is awesome. It is simple up front but can go as deep as you want. You can use external VSTs with Reason; I do it all the time. Use a plugin host like AU Lab or Maschine, activate it’s virtual midi in port, and a discreat pair of audio outputs. In Reason load an external midi instrument with its output matching the virtual midi in and an audio track to listen to the correct inputs.
    All those with snob remarks about not knowing music theory and the appeal to one finger musicians. Get over it. Jimmi Hendrix didn’t read music he just played what was in the soul. I’m getting the upgrade. Rock on Props!

  27. Having owned Ableton Live 9, Komplete 10U and Maschine 2 + Mirko, I cannot wait to get back to Reason. Unbeatable workflow.

  28. Ok, you guys and girls are pretty tough on Reason 9.0. Where I think PROPELLERHEADS is overpriced is with the refills and instruments. A lot of those are grossly overpriced compared to other VST instruments that can be played on every major DAW. I ‘ve been with Reason since version 2. I am a 56 year old musican who studied music in school and learned how to play “Steely Dan” chords by a lot of practice. Reason 9 boasting on playing a D major sharp 9 with 1 finger is where I start shaking my head. Back in the day of my first synth, the Minimoog followed by the Oberheim OBXA, I had to learn to program oscillators to create “chord” sounds. With the new Doubled Arpegiator, and 1 note chords, I wonder why I spent so much time learning to play scales and to me that was fun However, the sound of the master recordings are impeccable and since I write music, Reason 9 is a complete Recording Studio and I view each DAW as going to a different Recording Studio. The final project is “Reasonably” perfect.. Interested in “hearing” your comments!?

  29. Ive owned all the Reason programs and I do have to agree that the sounds from these antiquated programs are kinda old. I want to get version 9 but since I am a trained musician, I don’t really care for the chord things. I do it myself. I kinda wanted or hoped they would improve the subtractor and the nn-xt and ok most of them have not changed in years and years. I do not want to buy rack extensions for lots of money either. and I have many of them for Logic pro. The whole closed program is killing me.

  30. On the plus side, Propellerheads has a pretty good track record of rolling out several very useful, feature rich updates during the life cycle of each Reason product.

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