Black Market Modular Colour Palette & Zvex Eurorack Modules

At Superbooth 16, we talked with John from Black Market Modular about some of their new Eurorack modules, including the Colour Palette and the upcoming Zvex effects modules:

  • The Colour Palette is a Eurorack module that can host three different submodules, basically PCB’s that plug into the module’s back. There are dozens of ‘Colour’ submodules available, so you can customize the Colour Palette to do whatever you want.
  • The Zvex Eurorack modules are based on Zvex’s line of boutique guitar pedals, but converted to work directly in a Eurorack modular system.

Details on the Colour Palette are available at the Black Market Modular site. Details on the Zvex Euro modules are still to be announced.

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