RP-1 Delay v1.2 Update Adds Three New Effects Algorithms

rp-1-dual-digial-delayNumerical Audio has released RP-1 v1.2, an update that offers some significant new features, along with bug fixes and other improvements.

The update brings three new effects algorithms:

  • Tremolo: makes use of the mod section’s LFO to create a tremolo effect which in combination with the regular delay and RP-1’s routing options allows for an entire range of new effects.
  • Phaser: turns the short delay line into a single-stage feedback phaser, using the LFO to animate the effect and the feedback control to adjust intensity, great for dub chords and the likes.
  • Delay: increases delay times for the modulation delay allowing it to be used as a -regular- free running delay with additional modulation and feedback which guarantees great fun when used with synth sequences and similar sounds.

Other Improvements:

  • Mod Section now has a dedicated feedback control which allows even more control over flanger, phaser and other feedback effects.
  • New Factory presets that make use of the new mod algoritms.
  • Portrait mode for both iPhone and iPad.
  • The long awaited User Manual is now available online and from within the application.
  • User Interface has been greatly improved to work well across a number of devices and hosts.
  • Added text-based input option for global tempo.
  • Changes to existing user presets can now be saved.


  • Fixed an issue where loading user presets did not work in AUM.
  • Fixed an issue where factory presets did not work in Cubasis.
  • Fixed an issue with unresponsive user interface elements in Cubasis.

Here are the official audio demos for RP-1:

RP-1 v1.2 is available now for US $5.99 in the App Store. It’s a free upgrade for existing users.

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