Modular Synthesizer + Roland Juno Live Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Jasper, captures a live synth jam for modular synth & Roland Juno 60.

Here’s what Jasper has to say about the performance:

i incorporated my juno this time around. Here it is functioning as an arp driven and cutoff sequenced by the modular. Excuse the non existant key shifts – I’m still a bit slow with this set up. Lots of stuff going on.

On the modular side : A metropolis sequence driving the Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, with mostly even ratio’s up to middle volume. Another sequence by the TT Z8000 through a uScale & E102 is driving the 1st DPO osc and e350 which are being mixed and overdriven in the AS EMS Synthie Filter. During playing I do slight changes in cutoff, envelopes and some transposing.

11 thoughts on “Modular Synthesizer + Roland Juno Live Jam

  1. Yeah, I have to agree, that is some unnecessary hate towards something as subjective as the appreciation of someone’s art. The cases are indeed pretty sweet but I must say I do enjoy simplicity a lot in music, specially in the modular world. Nice piece of music mate! keep it up!

  2. it was also a simple informal jam. i wish people weren’t so negative about others contributions. it stifles contributions to the community.

  3. I enjoyed the jam and would have liked it to go on longer.
    I miss being able to vote down the purely negative comments. I guess some people enjoy being mean.

    1. i feel like until you post your own material, you should refrain from being negative to those that do. Simply move on if you don’t like it.

  4. such a beautiful lush sound! It makes me miss my juno-6, which only left yesterday to be serviced 🙂
    please explore this setup further and post more vids!

  5. Wow. This negativity has got to go. It seems like every track posted is getting slammed. It’s one thing to not like a tune or offer some constructive criticism. It’s another to just post “boring” or “lame”. It’s the internet so I really don’t expect much better.

    Personally I think it is nice work. A bit on the rough side but well worth sharing.

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