New Ableton Live DJ MIDI Contoller, The ADJ-S1

Developer Tyler del Giudice has introduced the ADJ-S1, a new DJ controller system, designed specifically for Ableton Live.

The ADJ-S1 system comes as a set of two ADJ-S1 controllers.

Each deck controller features:

  • Aluminum road ready enclosure
  • 8 Sanwa arcade buttons
  • 2 Pro Audio sliders
  • 3 Rotary encoders
  • Stop/Play Buttons
  • 2 FX buttons
  • USB MIDI HID compliant ( unplug/plug-in without Ableton restart)
  • Tractor compatible
  • MIDI mapping for most DAW’s
  • USB powered

Giudice is funding production of the ADJ-S1 via an IndieGoGo campaign. A set of two controllers is available to project backers for US $350. Custom ADJ-S1’s will also be available with wooden and other materials laser cut with special designs.

9 thoughts on “New Ableton Live DJ MIDI Contoller, The ADJ-S1

    1. Yeah – it looks like a interesting enough controller and it’s competitively priced, compared to things like the MIDI Fighter.

      But they need to start from scratch with their demo video and actually introduced it, explain what it does and then demo it.

  1. I agree, WTF?

    The video was actually painful to watch. Seriously! And when you go to their indiegogo site, there is literally no info or pics or anything that actually shows the device.
    It might be a fun toy especially at the price, but if they think they are gonna get funding with this Sh%tshow of a presentation……
    They need PR help stat.

  2. These is a “maker” DIY project. Just buy some parts and an arduino and create your own … In INSTRUCTABLES.COM you can find “arcade MIDI controller” with the manual of how to build it.

  3. That was really really really bad.

    I watched the video to learn about the product. Instead I saw an empty club and a “DJ” flailing her arms. It looks like she’s having a bad trip and thinks she is drowning.

    Plus, I don’t think anyone can follow what she is doing in the demo. And the product isn’t anything new. And it looks poorly laid out.


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