The DSP-Host Is A Eurorack ATtiny45/85 Synth Module

dsp-host-moduleDeveloper Jan Ostman has introduced the dsp-Host – a 4HP Eurorack ATtiny85 module, designed to let you create custom software synths and run them in your modular synthesizer.

The dsp-Host is a 4HP eurorack module built to host the ATtiny45/85 chip. This makes it possible to write DSP applications in the Arduino environment, program a chip and use it in the module.

Ostman notes that it works like the Euroduino or Ardcore modules, but using ATtiny chips.

The module offers 3 analog CV inputs, 2 with attenuators and an analog audio output DAC.

It’s available now, for US $99, along with schematics, if you want to build a more persistent module.

3 thoughts on “The DSP-Host Is A Eurorack ATtiny45/85 Synth Module

  1. i expect 12 bits with 22khz max!? using the arduino IDE will frustrate many musicians!
    means patchblocks is still the most comfortable programmable unit out there, but for sure not the best one …

    if u “custom digital synth module” guys don´t screw up the audio engines you will stay as toy producers!
    i don´t want to hear those crappy low bit soundz or if, i use SIDs or something else …
    It´s HQ time guys, even for modular freaks!

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