Continuucon Schedule Announced


Organizers of Continuucon, the First Continuum Fingerboard Conference, have published a complete schedule of presentations, workshops, and performers for the event, scheduled for June 9th through 11th, 2016.

Taking place at the Altamont Theatre in Asheville, North Carolina, ContinuuCon bring together Continuum players from North and South America, Europe, and Asia for the very first time.

The event will begin with an evening reception at the Make Noise synthesizer factory and end with a dinner featuring Michelle Moog-Koussa of the Bob Moog Foundation. In between, the event will offer two full days of hands-on workshops, instruction, informative talks and more.

On Friday night, June 10th, the public is invited to attend ContinuuConcert: Music Between the Lines, featuring some of the world’s leading Continuum players, including: New York session player Rob Schwimmer, who has played with Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Willie Nelson; and celebrated Indian musician Pallav Pandya, below, who has performed in more than 40 countries.

ContinuuCon tickets are available for US $150. Tickets to the concert are available for $10. More information, including the complete schedule, is available at the event site.

About the Haken Continuum

Manufactured by Haken Audio, the Continuum Fingerboard is a musical instrument that allows unprecedented real-time performance control. With a greater pitch range than a traditional 88-note MIDI keyboard, the Continuum offers continuous multidimensional performance control for every finger on the playing surface.

Inside the instrument is a custom-designed, user-programmable, digital modular synthesizer, specifically designed to take advantage of the Continuum’s expressive musical capabilities.

2 thoughts on “Continuucon Schedule Announced

  1. It’s going to be a great weekend here in Asheville. We’ll be exploring this state-of-the-art electronic music tool with the inventor and other top innovators and musicians, surrounded by great restaurants, world-class breweries and a vibrant arts and nightlife scene. This is the kind of thing I live for.

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