Tangerine Dream Documentary Meets Funding Goals

tangerine-dream-documentaryIt looks like there’s going to be a Tangerine Dream documentary.

Organizers of a Kickstarter project to fund production of the documentary have announced that they have met their funding goals, raising €71,727 with 779 backers. 

Here’s what the producers TAG/TRAUM have to say about the project:

We want to explore the world of Tangerine Dream for the first time in a feature-length documentary.

Our goal is to uncover the band’s musical evolution, their style and their philosophy behind their art.

Here’s the official project intro:

Backers can follow the production of the film via the project site.

5 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Documentary Meets Funding Goals

  1. -The Lord of the Rings
    -Harry Potter
    -Forest Gump
    -Clockwork Orange
    -The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    …to name just a few.

    First there was the BOOK, then there was the MOVIE

    ah, but go ahead, take the money that we’ve payed for Edgars biography years ago (and still waiting) and make a movie.

  2. The short version is completely free and is broadcast by ARTE on november 25. 99% of the people who complained about the extended crowdfunded version didn’t pay a cent towards it and therefore are (at best) total hypercrites. Yet more keyboard warriors who would never have the balls to say these things in person.

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