Patterning Drum Machine For iPad Updated

Olympia Noise Co. has released an update to its Patterning iPad drum machine app, adding support for Audio Export, MIDI Mapping, Inter-App Audio Track Output, improved MIDI output and more.

Here’s what’s new in Patterning v1.1:

  • Audio Export – Patterning now includes a highly configurable audio export function for getting your drum tracks out of Patterning and into the next stage of your process. It’s easy to turn your beats into audio loops or entire songs in .WAV format. Bounce individual tracks or the main mix and save your files to AudioShare, iTunes File Sharing or using “Open in….” to save to Dropbox or other apps.
  • MIDI Mapping – Map your hardware MIDI controller to control mixer and sample settings, trigger pattern changes, and more. Assign CC’s, notes, or program changes to parameters using the MIDI learn function, and fine tune parameter ranges with the MIDI configuration menu. MIDI mappings can be imported from other songs to easily reuse your favorite mappings.
  • New & Improved Sync Options – A consolidated Sync menu makes your sync settings easier to configure. In addition to Ableton Link, Patterning now supports Inter-App Audio sync and a completely re-written MIDI Clock implementation. Inter-App Audio sync and transport controls are available when connected to the master Inter-App Audio port.
  • Inter-App Audio Track Output – Patterning now supports individual Inter-App Audio outputs for each track as well as the master output. Connect up tracks to Audiobus, AUM, or another Inter-App Audio host to apply effects to individual tracks.
  • MIDI Output Enhancements – In addition to notes, MIDI enabled tracks can now send automation data in the form of CC or pitch bend messages. Track layers are assigned to MIDI destinations according to the MIDI standard. MIDI Track settings can be imported from other songs for easy reuse.
  • A New Timeline – Patterning’s timeline has been updated, making the creation of songs a whole lot easier and more fun. You can now make multiple selections, and use “duplicate,” “duplicate insert,” and “duplicate at end” tools to quickly repeat sections of the timeline. In addition, each timeline block now has a “reset rotation” option to allow patterns to snap to their beginnings in the timeline. This is useful for rotating or odd meter patterns, as well as creating stutters or fills in the timeline.
  • Sample Preview – You can now preview samples in the sample library!. To enable, toggle the speaker icon in the top right of the sample library. Preview uses the current sample settings (pitch, pan, effect sends, etc) to help you tweak your sounds.
  • Custom Drum Kit Image – Import custom images from your photos library for your drum kits. Tap the drum kit image to select and edit a photo.

Other Improvements:

  • Improved quality of pitch shift algorithm.
  • Adjustments to layout on iPad Pro.
  • Added Mute/Solo on “sample” tab.
  • Peak level metering throughout the app.
  • Stability improvements.

Patterning is available in the App Store. It’s currently on sale for US $4.99, 50% off the usual price.

11 thoughts on “Patterning Drum Machine For iPad Updated

  1. This is my favorite drum machine/sequencer on iPad. I often use it with my Nord Drum 2. I especially like the Probability per step feature. Definitely worth owning for $5.

    1. Would be awesome to get screenshots on how you setup ND2 and patterning to communicate. Have an ipad3 and can get midi learn to,work to start/stop pattern. But can’t get any samples triggering on nord. Other apps like funk box and nord beat work so I know the connection is there.


  2. Patterning is beyond excellent.

    So easy to get something interesting AND musical going from scratch.

    A welcome update and a steal at this price.

  3. Attn: Patterning users, I’ve submitted a feature request to the developer (twice, now) to place a “Cycle Length” setting for DIVIDE mode (in the place of the greyed out “step duration” setting for STANDARD mode). This would allow the user to set a cycle length of a number besides 4 beats. The developer was receptive to the idea, saying it was doable. If this feature would be useful to you, please consider sending a short note to the developer. They might move it up in the to-do list.

  4. I love Patterning. I’ve had problems trying to get it to sync properly via DIN MIDI on an iPad 2 and Alesis idock. Hopefully this update will fix the jittery clocking I’ve experienced. I realize the iPad 2 is at the extreme low end of comparability but fingers crossed.

    1. Can you elaborate? I have an OP1 and haven’t used this yet, though I bought it. How do you use it with the OP1? Just curious…

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